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My dream is being in a store

My dream is being in a store watching a product information video on a product. and I am interested. my man was behind me while I am sitting in a. Chair about to go out the door. Minute later I stand up to walk out the door and scene changes into me being in a tub with a shower curtain closed. I raise my hand up and I try to push back the shower curtain and I feel a persons body on the opposite side of the shower curtain and then a pair of hands as the shower curtain is stuck. I felt like squinting my eyes and I did. Then I immediately see staring at me a black silhouette of a young girl with long black hair spectra with no features that peered around the shower curtain to see me stare back at the spectre.

Started off in a room me and

Started off in a room me and my girlfriend was ironing and folding clothes and there's a small brown radio sitting in the corner she goes to turn it off and while we continue doing what we was doing the radio comes back on and starts to keep getting louder so we run out the room into the kitchen I toward the front part of the house then she starts squinting her eyes at something down a dark hall so I go In front of her and I saw it was a scary old lady that keep peeking her head out so I follow her back into the room where the dream started and I see a closet there that wasn't there before and I open it the lady is still peeking so go away and look back multiple times until about the fifth times she was In my face screaming so me and my girlfriend ran and she was chasing and the ghost behind her was chasing us with blank faces and my girlfriend see a door that leads to a dungeon and that's when I woke up