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I dreamt a father (probably me) and

I dreamt a father (probably me) and the kid son taming a beautiful white stallion in lush green farm surrounded by big trees and a very sunny day

I dreamed that I was rounding up

I dreamed that I was rounding up sheep and one bison with a few of my friends and we were on horses. My horse was brown and I had trouble staying on the horse and then I fell off. I then shouted, "Black Stallion!" and a black horse galloped up behind me and I jumped onto it and my friends and I chased the livestock onto a cliff. The sun was setting in a desert of some sort. I looked down at my hands and I saw that I was carrying L from Death Note bridesmaid style. He told me that he would only stay human if I kept on touching him and if I didn't, he would revert back to a horse. The scene shifted and I was in my room with my pajamas on. I glanced over to my left and saw Mello from Death Note shirtless and asleep in my bed on my left. (I think he was pants less too.) He opened his eyes and said hey. I told him I needed to go brush my teeth. So I got out of bed and walked down the hallway and into my parents' bedroom with my toothbrush and toothpaste. As I walked in, I saw my classmate Kenny putting on some clothes and he was half naked. He said hi to me and told me I could go brush my teeth and he told me not to let his mom catch me. I went into the bathroom and I was about to brush my teeth but then a rather fat lady stormed into the bathroom who I assumed to be Kenny's mom. I remembered what Kenny had told me so I hid behind the door. When Kenny's mom had opened the door, it slammed into my face. Kenny's mom looked behind the door where I was hiding then told me to get out and she grabbed me by my arm and hauled me out of the bathroom. I then hightailed it out of there and back into my bedroom. I slipped into bed next to Mello and he slipped his arms around me and into a hug. We both fell asleep and then I woke up.

I saw a meadow, a white fence

I saw a meadow, a white fence separated me from the meadow, inside the meadow was a large brown stallion, I rested against the white fence, and the horse came to me, I mounted up on the stallion bare back and the horse reared and I was secure

It was a hot, humid day in

It was a hot, humid day in the desert. Plopped under an enormous pine tree, I drank the last bit of water I had out of my canteen. As I peered over my black bandana that covered my face from eyes down, I saw a blob making its way closer and closer to me. The grey figure drew closer as I rose to my feet next to my pink pony, Strawberry (one of those ponies from My Little Pony). I hopped on top of its saddle and kicked her stomach, cueing her to take off. However, she was so tiny that she fell over and started to sob. Furious, I began to run the opposite way of the figure, but by the time I started running, he was already behind me grabbing the back of my shirt. “Don’t shoot my hoooooorseeeee!” I yelled as he began to repeatedly shoot my horse. But what the man didn’t know was that My Little Ponies are magical. Strawberry repelled all of the bullets and attacked the man. In less than a second, the man was trapped inside her stomach as her special stomach acids burned him to death. His horse, a muscular Black Stallion, nudged Strawberry and urged her to come back home with him. It was love at first sight! I stood from a distance as my pony took off and eventually woke up.

I was in house and we have

I was in house and we have chickens they were chasing the cows and next door neighbours garden had a huge stallion looking at me