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Vacation, Met new people, on a gazebo

Vacation, Met new people, on a gazebo raised on stilts, a big wave comes in and takes out the stilts. Structure collapse with all of us inside it. Water rushes in, make It to the exit and swim to escape. Try to run inside home but Ex-Girlfriend blocks the way. Walk away from the house. Carrying building material along a busy highway. I walk through several construction sites, building houses. I reach a large rest area/carwash, with a lot of bathrooms. It's a gas station. Theres a lawn mower with tank treds.

I was in stands for audience of

I was in stands for audience of red carpet for Academy Awards. Left seats to find bathroom. Saw a group of people receiving gray gowns, took one thinking it may get me into the show but then gave back. Talked to a guy walking to find bathroom. When I thought I was I was at the right place, I saw girls from highschool smashed in telephone booth on street. Walked to building I thought was restaurant. Building was off the ground on stilts. Talked to women through an open window in back about the guy I met while walking. There was a swing hanging up next to the window that I had the impression I would have to use to get in. Next thing I knew I was in building, it was emmpty except for 3 women and a baby which was surprising. They gave me a glass of water that I drank and spit out because it tasted bad. Went to leave house through back and I saw a cougar with brown spots on ground below. Woman said he was harmless and it trotted away slowly. I was worried about baby in house because it seemed this was a pet that was part of household. Was also worried that my dog that now entered dream, would be eaten but animal paid no attention to him. When walking in gangway to front of house, I noticed a tail growing out of my upper left thigh. Seeds were at stem of it. Pulled it off and seeds were sticking out of skin. Pulled some of the seeds out and hairs were growing out of them. Dream ended after this.