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This was a reoccurring childhood dream that

This was a reoccurring childhood dream that I had for years ending when I reached the age of 12, or so. The dream was all that I remembered after waking up in the morning and it really bothered me that I couldn’t remember what came before it. so what I woke up remembering so often was me swinging on a giant swing in an empty black space. I looked up and could see no top of the rope and when I looked down I could see no bottom, no floor. And you know that feeling you got in your stomach on swings as a kid? I felt that on every upswing. Of course time is weird in dreams and I felt this need, this uncontrollable urge to escape this endless swing by jumping off it into the dark abyss below. After building the courage to finally jump off the swing I always woke up before landing so I remember waking up frustrated by all of the unknowns regarding this very disturbing dream. I’m 66 years old today and have never forgotten this reoccurring dream from my childhood and I’m curious about an interpretation.

Me and a couple people that I

Me and a couple people that I didn’t really know were at this water park. The water park had this super fast slide and we all decided to go on it. It had a sign that read “wait at least a minute until the last person slid down to go”. We also had to slide down on our stomachs. When I went down I got to a part that split off two different ways, and I got stuck. The person behind me must not have read the sign because they almost ran into me. I got unstuck fast enough the first time, but the second time they ran straight into me. Then I woke up.