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I had a dream that at my

I had a dream that at my house, someone came over and brought their dogs. Well it was a party. And so as the party's going, the dogs come running to me and then they jump on me and start biting me and scratching me. By the time they were done, my stomach was cut and half of me was on the ground and I was bleeding really bad, I was dying. Then I was screaming in pain and no one was calling 911 they all ignored me. You wouldn't call 911 but you'd help me stop the bleeding as much as you could. In my dream I called it and they said they had no ambulances and then I called again and again. Eventually they came and we were on our way to the hospital and people wouldn't pull over. I don't remember the rest of the dream.

two of my dogs had died. one

two of my dogs had died. one of my dogs was bleeding under her poor and it wouldn't stop bleeding, she was going to die. I tried to stop the bleeding of my dogs paw to stop her from dying but it didn't work. I was sitting at my window feeling guilty for the death of my dogs, regretting doing something. also my dad was disappointed in me but I don't know why because I didn't do it, I don't think I did it. suddenly a women comes over and she kind of looks like an older version of me but wearing designer clothes and being all pretty. I don't even know this lady I have never seen her before in my life, she starts bragging about a designer purse she has. then I just went crazy, I had turned into a psychopath and then picked up a garden fork screaming ready to stab her, weirdly she did the exacted same thing, she went to go stab me but I got her first. I wasn't me anymore

one of my dogs had been killed.

one of my dogs had been killed. then another one of my dogs had a deep cut in her poor and it wouldn't stop bleeding she was going to die, I tried to stop the bleeding but it didn't work. all I could feel was guilt and regret when I cant recall actually being responsible. a lady who is pretty and was wearing nice clothes and brown hair like mine was bragging about her designer purse and I went crazy I had turned into a psychopath and I picked up a guarded fork screaming. the wired thing is so did she and she was going to stab me first but I beat her to it and she died. I felt terrible like a new person.

i had a dream that my coworker

i had a dream that my coworker got shot. I was at work help in a customer and I knelt down for something. I stood up and turned around and thats when I heard the gun go off. I checked myself then I turned to see my coeworker had been shot in the chest. I scream for someone to call 911 and press down on her chest to stop the bleeding. Then I see the same scene from an outside perspective. I watched my coeworker get shot at but then I turned and saw a dark figure running away and then I woke up.....what does this mean?

There was a demon inside my new

There was a demon inside my new neighbor and she kept haunting me and an older lady can to help me who worked with good spirits and she told me what to do to get rid of the demon latched onto me. First she told me the demon was inside of me so I had to cut myself and lay in the street to bleed out halfway and stop the bleeding once the demon blood was out. So I did this and the old lady told me I did well, and right as I was walking home the demon neighbor came up to me and grabbed my hand and bit my hand. The old lady then told me I would need to kill and sacrifice certain people and those people would come to me when it’s their turn to die. Somehow my mom became a part of it and we would have to kill off people we knew to keep the demon away and then it came to my brother coming to us to de and I made myself woke up or I just woke up automatically before it went on.

I Had A Dream I Was walking

I Had A Dream I Was walking And Had A Quick Conversation, it didnt End Well And The Guy Ended Up Stabbibg Me With A Knife , this knife Was One Of My Own That I Used To have, a very Very Sharp Double Edged 3" Fixed Blade, he ran Away, i found A Wheelbarrow Or Something To Lay down In, i couldnt Feel Pain But There Was A Lot Of Blood Coming Out, i foung a Towel On The Ground To Press Against The Wound To try and stop The Bleeding, it would Just Keep pooling Everytime i Took The soaked Towel Off. i kept Going Up To Houses But Other People Didnt Want to Help Me. I Eneded Up Going Up To My Ex Gfs House And The Guy That stabbed Me Was There And I was Like Yo Dude, You Stabbed Me And Im Bleeding Hella Bad, he said whatever Then I woke Up


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