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Someone hid my shoes. I was on

Someone hid my shoes. I was on the subway kidding around with 2 guys, one guy I knew. This guy had known my shoes were taken & didn't tell me. They had been taken by a tall white guy. When it became time for me to get off the train, my shoes were missing from the overhead bin. I took my quilted marroon colored mits & put them in my hands. I then walked outside to catch a yellow taxi home. It was night outside, I wasn't sure which way was north. I was disappointed & mad regarding my shoes. The next day, I sent an email to the office administrator & human resources of the firm I work at to describe what the tall guy had done.

You entered: I was in a car

You entered: I was in a car with my brother and his mom, suddenly we were in the woods and his mom had these 2 little girls dressed like elsa that she wanted to sacrafice to something. I took the little girls and started running with them, my brother chasing after me. My brother turned into a titan and kept chasing after me so I hid the girls and found an empty subway system and kept running from him.

The only thing I remember is I

The only thing I remember is I was in a circle of people I knew. I remember it was on some sort of train or subway. It was fairly dark. You were beside me but, everyone else including you had shadows over there eyes and where there eyes were supposed to be they glowed an orange color. It was also like a symbol too though. Some guy came and kissed you on the cheek. I had a feeling of anger throughout the whole dream. Especially at that point

I sat in a sauna, naked with

I sat in a sauna, naked with another man. Then a wall of the sauna became the side of a subway train. Its doors opened and two naked boys came out. One sat on my lap, his back towards me. Annoyed, I tried to put my penis up his ass. He started crying and I let him go. Later, I was on the roof with my dad and three of his friends. There were some beer bottles and food and we were waiting for the vice president of some company to come. Above, the clouds darkened intermittently. A small plane came very low, almost touching the roofs. Then I was in a house, telling an ex-girlfriend of a date I was going to have with someone. Another my ex-girlfriend sat in the living room not saying anything. I was going to have a long drive back home when an old male friend came in. We started to tussle playfully, tackling each other.

I was riding in a brand new

I was riding in a brand new subway car. When I got to my destination, I heard my sister's voice, she was talking to a token booth clerk. I said hi to her. I asked the token booth clerk what train I can get to my destination and he told me 7C. On going to get the 7C train I saw my sister on a park bench with two babies and a gentleman. She told me that the gentleman was her boss's brother. I was lost but got to my destination eventually.

My spouse and i are riding a

My spouse and i are riding a bike with my spouse over a bridge happy and free. Clouds start to roll in on the surface of the bridge. Beautiful and scary clouds start to rise up at the end of the bridge. High tides also hit the bridge. A subway train crashes into the frozen clouds and my husband and I escape the frozen and danger before its too late.

I was in a train or subway

I was in a train or subway and then a guy was in the principles office and the couple were broken up.