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I sat in a sauna, naked with

I sat in a sauna, naked with another man. Then a wall of the sauna became the side of a subway train. Its doors opened and two naked boys came out. One sat on my lap, his back towards me. Annoyed, I tried to put my penis up his ass. He started crying and I let him go. Later, I was on the roof with my dad and three of his friends. There were some beer bottles and food and we were waiting for the vice president of some company to come. Above, the clouds darkened intermittently. A small plane came very low, almost touching the roofs. Then I was in a house, telling an ex-girlfriend of a date I was going to have with someone. Another my ex-girlfriend sat in the living room not saying anything. I was going to have a long drive back home when an old male friend came in. We started to tussle playfully, tackling each other.

i was a hotel function where a

i was a hotel function where a person who worked the audio and visuals were there he came to me and said something about we have to do this for this girl i said sure then i asked him how much he would charge to come to my job\'s event and do the audio visuals the room had long thick curtians where you could not see out of my husband was sitting outside in his truck with our two boys and they got out of the car my husband grabbed my subway sandwich and balled it up and threw it in the parking lot i was in my car at that moment the boys were walking to my car i quickly told them to get in then i saw someone throw some of the food back at my husband then i speed off