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I'm at a party in my back

I'm at a party in my back yard, I go into the garage and something happens in garage and from what I know I was shot in the head…not known if accident, attempted murder or self-inflicted. Everyone is at a loss. I keep trying to talk, but no one can hear me…..except for Robert, he looks to be around 13. He and I are talking, then, I tell him I have to call Suzanne and tell her before she hears it from anyone else. She hears me fine on the phone and is very upset that I have been shot. I try to call the doctor’s office to get an appointment and they say I’m not due for one, even thought my Rx is expiring and the nurse on the other end, she then says it’s too close to your son's wedding. I look out the window and Caryle is pushing a baby stroller (she looks about 30) and on her way into the house. I make an attempt to hide. People are in and out of the house and I want them to leave. Bobby can’t hear me and Robert isn’t able to get his attention. I then realize the only people that I can connect with have already passed away.