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I was put in a game and

I was put in a game and I had to go around to different worlds in it. I went to tis one part where I was in a wedding and I had to stop a imposter ring bearer from killing the real ring bearer. I went up behind the imposter but everytime I tried to pull him back he would just keep walking. He got right behind the real boy and punched him up side the face. He fell on the ground and everyone in the wedding disappeared. Then I went to the future and everyone was in a back hallway because there was a bomb dropping. I quickly ran to the past. I landed in this swamp and these four other people were swimming to get to this shack. I followed, since I wanted to get out of the swamp. When I got there the four were sitting in a room with a old, film rolling movie on. The projectionist went over to me and asked if I did gymnastics. I said yes. Then he said, then i have the job for you. He said roll the movie, and then he just ran away. I was sitting there for awhile but I guess I fell asleep at the movie because I started having Disney dreams. Minnie was cheating on Mickey with Pluto, Tinkerbell was with jimmy the cricket, and Goofy and Peter Pan were shooting off fireworks. Then Peter Pan came up to me and said, do you do gymnastics? and I said, yes. Then he said, Well I have the job for you. Then I woke up from the Disney dream and I was at the wedding again. Everyone was running around, screaming. I didn’t know what was going on but I ran with them, away from whatever was happening.

i was on the road for an

i was on the road for an excursion with some unknown "friends" and on our trip, we end up on a dark swampy are, were there are lots of rodents, and huge crocodile, we tried to find our way back but we ended up being chase by these rodents and crocodile, we came accross to some residents in the area who gave us knives so we could fight back against these chasing elements on us, i find myself in a certain house with some muscle men in there and with gunshots on their abdomen. i was then in a hurry to cross the bridge runnig after another car in it, is a baby boy i was trying to catch.so i need to cross the wreck bridge with some hungry huge crocodile beneath the bridge.