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I dream I am either on a

I dream I am either on a boat or in water but its always a large body of water. Sometimes a stream and I’m moving along trying to get to the end, or sometimes it is quite deep, and I am in an underground water cavern. But I am always afraid and looking at the sharks swimming trying to not get bitten. Sometimes they are chasing me, sometimes I am hiding trying to get by unseen.

I was swimming in my family's pool

I was swimming in my family's pool with friends and family. There were green snakes everywhere and when I went underwater there was a shark and I ended up killing the shark by grabbing its eyeballs and then skinning it and making soup with it's brain

I dreamed about me and my class

I dreamed about me and my class going on a field trip to an island. We reached our destination and went inside a dark buidling. I'm not sure, but our teacher disappeared. Me and my classmates saw a white figure in the darkness. We didn't think any of it and walked up stairs. Some time passed and I decided to go back down with a friend until he got stabbed by a very long katana. The katana stabbed him in the eye. Then I heard Jeff the Killer say, "I don't want his eyes, I want yours!" I wanted to run out, but he was killing everyone down there. I gave up and lied on the floor. I heard him approaching, then I thought of God and I think God magically gave my strength and courage. I got up in time, and threw Jeff onto my shoulder, he dropped his katana. I ran outside, stabber him with his sword, and buried the tip of the sword into the water, drowning Jeff. I ran to the back of the building, swimming away. The other side was far. I struggled against the waves. Then someone helped me. I got back ashore safely. Yet, I couldn't recall if that 'Jeff' was him, or Nina the killer..

I dream the gray bird chaseng me

I dream the gray bird chaseng me and want me to eat him, and i refuse then the bird jump into the fire, after that me and my friends swimming in the river, there is a chicken floating down ward with the white thread in the leg and tied up on my ankle, suddenly There is a boy shouting my name that im dead, me and my friends follow the boy where the dead body is, and when im getting close i saw people wearing white around the dead with white cover, and 1 person walk to my direction and slap me hard and i wake up.

My dream last night, i was in

My dream last night, i was in the ocean carrying 2 child ,girl and boy.the boy slowly fall in the boat but i did catch him immediately then after a while a big wave arrive and the boat brokw ,i swim hardly carrying 2 child and found a big stone in ocean to rest after we rest i open my eyes and i saw a big Stonehenge and i went there standing in the middle then there is light.my dream stopped