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Dreamt I had a son named Carson

Dreamt I had a son named Carson ( I don’t have a son named. Arson only in this dream. Blonde blue eyes 9/10 years old 5ft was in a plane to see if he got off ok for his flight then went missing then he was a few rows down with a man in a airforce uniform then man wearing glasses not old but not young says to me Carson is his son I took him away from the man and went to the back of the aircraft to talk to cabin crew then the plane taxied to the runway I was freaking out how am I going to get back home.. Carson sitting in last row then two woman sitting opposite the one took magazine out the pocket of the seat and it was her on the cover wearing a yellow dress with some kinda crown

I was i taxi and when i

I was i taxi and when i reached my destination i said drop me here but the driver did not listen and i said second time loudly but again the driver did not listen then i become angry and shouted furiously at him then he dropped me in poor village(i think Africa) then when i tried to return to my home by my self some child told me that there are some african gangsters the way am going and when i tried to go the direction the taxi had followed but the road was muddy and was a river and then when i look to my feet am wearing some baby shoe that don't fit me then i asked the lady from the family if they can give me any shoe, but the lady said we don't have any but when i said i will pay i got a shoe that fitted me. then i thought i got two choices either i find the way back by myself using maps with the risk of gangsters finding me or asking black boy who is a member of thw family to show me the way with the risk of unknowingly handling me to gangsters. then i wake up

I was arguing with my dad, but

I was arguing with my dad, but he didn't seem to respond. Then I asked him to hand me a key, and when he did the key dropped and broke. Then some random guys carried a taxi cab that seemed to be his. I left him but he kept chasing me but I didn't listen to him then I was walking in a busy Alley eating ice cream then a little kid kept smiling at me and a random guy told me the ice cream tasted good

Left alone in a taxi and suddently

Left alone in a taxi and suddently it starts to move on its own and I jumped to control it but wondering how coz I don't know how to drive