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I was dreaming I went out with

I was dreaming I went out with a well known guy which I have bumped into the other day and since then he has been on my mind. My dream was that he started chatting to me and invited me over for dinner, I went to the dinner and then he took me to another place which I cant remember what we did but then we went back t his house to find ourselves ending up in bed. In the back of my mind I kept telling myself I have to leave my boyfriend before sleeping with this guy but the temptation was just so high I couldn't leave at that moment then suddenly I saw a flash of my boyfriend where the other guy said to me I have to stay he wont know and we can be together...

Another man temptation, we were walking around

Another man temptation, we were walking around an unknown city trying to find my car, we were meant to be on a date, he was getting frustrated with me and wanted to flirt so did I. The dream ended when my husband rang and told me he found my car at home. I know this other man and have had a flirtatation with him