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I was in a warehouse taking to

I was in a warehouse taking to a Hispanic man and his son. I am handling a dead squid and proceed to chop its tentacles off with a kitchen knife. I look at the squid head then stare right into the squid beak.

I was dreaming I was in a

I was dreaming I was in a class room full of strangers when I feel asleep. My dream was that the folks in the room all changed as their eyes went pitched black and their entire hands and up to about a quarters turned into gooey tentacles that infect you if you get wrapped up. When I woke up I was still in my dream as I woke up in the class and not my bed as I looked over and a few of my friends I knew where there and this one chick I didn't know but I couldn't stop looking at her.She had brown hair, the beautiful blues eyes, and a smile that could light a room. As the class went along I left a sense of déjà vu washing over me. As I looked over the mysterious chick had stood up and walked out of the class and I gave chase but the teacher had grabbed my arm asking where are you going. I said I was thirsty as I freed myself and gave chase. My friends in the room ran after me as I exited the room and ran down the hallway. At the end of the long hallway was the mysterious chick as she looked like was laughing and went into the next section of the school. This goes on for half the school until we reach the ramps outside of the library. I managed to grab her left arm as she gave a small chuckle and said "you caught me at last". As she turned around to look me face to face her eyes filled with fear as my friends slowly limped to us looking like they were in my dream in the class. A turned back to say something to the chick I was chasing but it was too late as she was the same and had me in an iron grip. My friends seemed to ignore the both of us as they entered the library.I tried to fear myself but every time I felt as my energy was drained away but weird thing is I felt a sense of peace and not fear. I looked at the mysterious chick once more thinking this was the end and her face went back to the way that were in class. I stared into her deep brown eyes and she smiled as she said "you chased after me and I don't plan on let you go", as I was engulfed completely and it was about that time I woke up in my bed in a cold sweat

Walking to my new house with my

Walking to my new house with my boyfriend. He gets me into a petting zoo, but it's more like a tunnel that is completely filled with water. Flexible, though. I go in, and I can breathe, and i'm delighted to see all these animals. None of the animals are ones I recognize, but they are brightly colored and have tentacles and shells. The last one is this bright blue shrimp, and as I was moving on, it latched onto my leg. I was not scared. The tunnel deflated, and I realized this was their way of limiting time in the tunnel. As I came out of the flattened tube, a tentacled thing was stuck to my leg, all deflated as well, but I knew once they added water back, all the animals would be fine. It was a happy experience

Me and my family were on this

Me and my family were on this boat, there were tentacles under the surface of the water. we found a lighthouse at we went to it. I get everyone of the ship and then we started to go in the lighthouse when i remembered that my dogs were still in the boat. so I go and get them and try to get them to safety. as i walk back a tentacle grabbed my leg and I fell, as I was getting pulled to the water I look up and see myself with a pink glow She went to me and touched me and said" Your family" then i got al strong and saved myself and my family

So, last night, I had a dream

So, last night, I had a dream that I flew to India to celebrate my birthday with my parents, who were suddenly wealthy, traditional Indians from the Brahmin class. So we arrived at their estate, I think it was Chris and I, and we decide to swim in their pool. Because they're wealthy as all get out, they've filled their pool with exotic animals like squid and octopus and weird tentacled creatures, and you know how i feel about tentacled creatures. Even worse, because of the chemicals in the pool, they've all died and swelled up to monstrous sizes, with really hardened skins that are just bursting with pus and gas. For some reason, we still decide to get in, and I'm panicking, but trying to control myself. I accidentally bump against one of the octopuses, a little red one, about the size of my head, and it pops, leaving a hard shell floating in the pool and oozing out a smelly, poisonous looking yellow liquid. This explosion sets off a chain reaction and all the tentacles explode or collapse, filling the pool with this acid pus and sending the shell-carcasses gliding through the water, sinking to the bottom, and somehow all clustering right around me. At that point, I think it was when the largest tentacle crust in the pool slammed me in the face, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.