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I was to meet my ex wife

I was to meet my ex wife somewhere (I think a therapist or some type of mediator's office) at 1:30. On the way, people from my job started following me to support me. We were early so we went into a store. I was suddenly naked. No one seemed to notice but I was embarrassed. I found a small piece of netting material, very see-through of course and not big enough to wrap around me, but I tried to cover up with it anyway. I left the store and realized I had taken something out. Like a box of some kind of food. I worried that I had just shoplifted it by accident. I decided not to go back in and would just throw it away. I opened it and there was some kind of toy model plane or rocket inside. I thought it was neat and I would keep it. I threw the rest of the box and contents on the ground. I realized it was 1:30 exactly and went to where the appointment was. I ended up in what looked like a greenhouse or some kind of small enclosure with some mysterious old man. He was showing me squares drawn in the sand with little cubes stacked in them. He gave me two dice to roll. It was some kind of fortune telling or something like that. I rolled them and got double ones. He then explained how I had to knock down some of the stacks of cubes and where they fell determined something. I did it and he started trying to interpret the result. He was telling me that I didn't quite "make it to the center of the square" and he was trying to manipulate my results. It gets fuzzy after that.

I am at my friend Betty's house.

I am at my friend Betty's house. I call Ann up to make an appointment to get my hair highlighted. I speak to the receptionist at the beauty parlor. I speak in a Russian accent. She asks when I can come. I say in a couple of days. I think that might be Wednesday. She asks 'Are you sure because we are changing things around here; implying that it won't be good if I change my mind and cancel the appointment. After speaking to her, I realize that I don't need to have my hair highlighted yet, because my hair hasn't grown out yet. But George and I go on the 'A' train to the beauty parlor. It goes through a neighborhood that I have never seen before. The train travels outside. George gets out at a stop as if he nonchalantly is doing something. The train leaves without him. I wave to him and feel bad that he is not on the train

I dream that I had to go

I dream that I had to go make a doctors appointment for my mom. On the way back from making the appointment, I started seeing birds falling dead to the floor. First a black bird then a red bird and then all of a sudden their was an earthquake and homes started falling apart. The route I was suppose to take to get back home to my mom was blocked and I asked a man for directions I had to take a another route that had me going almost in a complete circle in order to get back to my mom. In my dream I saw lots of water as if the ocean had cover lots of areas and in my mind all I could think of was climbing the highest tree to avoid dying, I was concerned that I would not be able to reach my mom in time. I tought that it was the end of the world and if I was going to die I wanted to die next to my mom.

I seem to be in the office

I seem to be in the office of a dentist (not waiting as a patient but not an employee either). The phone rang and the woman asked for an appointment for 2.30. I agreed. The dentist (who was French and quite fat) complained that I had not told him about the appointment. I apologised and said I meant to pass on the message but I had no diary. he made a fuss but did nto seem really annoyed. He asked me to go to the shop to buy him a French newspaper (L'Histoire) and gave me a coin like a dime (not enough and the wrong currency). I didn't mind as I had to go to the shop anyway