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In my dream I had inherited a

In my dream I had inherited a house from my great step- grandparents, but it wasn’t there house. It looked a lot like a house I made in Sims once. Well, I had three roommates who were helping me pay rent or mortage or something, but it was weird because I had this butler… and like they all started to die off. Well, in my dream I watched my butler kill my roommates and it was all to keep this secret, but I never found out what the secret was. Then my Aunt and Uncle came and they stayed with me and I was really upset with them for making my house messy and drinking and smoking in my house so I went to get in my car and this snake attacked me. It like got in my shirt and like put venom in my neck and I was like dying and I could feel it like killing me. Then my Aunt put some stuff in my mouth to make the dying easier because there was no way to save me. And she told the butler that it had finally gotten me that it had attacked even me the chosen one. Then I started to pray really hard and rebuked the snake in the name of the Lord and I survived and my friends returned from the dead. And then I woke up