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RECURRING VIVID dream of being a 12-year-old

RECURRING VIVID dream of being a 12-year-old Chinese girl in the mid to late 1800's. 1st bridge being made by machines near the village, brother gets sick, Mother has passed, Father is a grouch. Diving for pearls. Practicing the skill of pearl diving. Brother and girl see alien under a sacred inlet near bridge being built. Brother is traumatized. Keep hearing Mother's voice calling me by same name as I have now, saying, " Remember, no fear."

The first part of my re occurring

The first part of my re occurring dream changes however there are elements that are exactly the same, the dream i had about 45 minutes ago..... The first part is a little hazy, i think i was on holiday in Spain and recognized a few familiar faces however the dream was set in a place ive been on holiday to many times so did not strike me as odd. The next thing i know im working ( plumbing ) in spain working for a Lady who was forcing me to work for next to nothing and would not let me escape, i even remember having to sign a contract which i refused and her ( its? ) guards pinned me down and were a little abusive ( not sexually ) im talking a knee in the back kinda deal. I recall seeing several friends all trying to escape ... nothing really odd about that, one said he had to do jail time in spain ( this is all happening on the work site ) and another tried to escape, gave it legs and that was the last i saw of him.. none of this i can recall having dreamt about before. However there was a room on the building site ( in spain still ) of which i could look out a window. I could see a Massive and highly scenic mountain ( i have seen this before in my dreams exactly to every last detail the only reason i remember it is because it was so beautiful) every time i tried to take a picture of it my camera would mess up... i can only describe it again as a huge mountain with intricate buildings ( old world )in the middel with grassy knowls, and near the top there as a point that when the sun hit it looked majestic. I have dreamt of this place MANY times before, yet never walked up the mountain. Around the area there was also some very mind blowing scenery wich i could not get enough of, once again i was trying to take pictures of it for some reason very grassy hills set on a mountain side going on for miles, i have also dreamt of this every time i dream of the spire ) The next thing i know in my dream thunder and lightning breaks out with heavy rain and its night time.... Its odd because every time i dream of the majestic scenery it is the same to the exact detail. ( i have never been any where like this in my life ) I also recall my mum working for the Mean women as well, i was worried but in the dream, no harm cam to her and she seemed to be doing alright. None of this scared me/worried me. Im just so confused as to why i keep seeing this AWESOME scenery and this majestic mountain with the village in the middle and the sun kissed top. ( the village looked some what oriental )

I got married to my ex boyfriend.

I got married to my ex boyfriend. We went into our bed room and he opened the window and it was really cold. He layed down and i cuddled up to him expecting to have sex but then a little girl opened the door and he got mad and left. He started acting like a hooker and having sex eith ecery girl yo make me mad. And i was trying to get him back so i realeased poisonous lizards in the bar and it started destroying the village. He called my dads phone and asked for my sister. He wanted to apologize so i wrnt to our room and he started apologizing then. We hugged and i wokr up.