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In my dream I was really sick…

In my dream I was really sick… like I threw up a lot. I was on some bed and I was surrounded by a bunch of people. Every time I threw up, I went into this lavish bathroom. The people that were helping me were these people that used to go to my church. Their names are Mickey and Ryan. I haven’t seen them in years… So, second part of my odd dream. I must’ve been double dreaming. I was at the gas station and this guy was buying beer. I thought that I should ID him but I didn’t. Then he said something, like something that would indicate that he is only 20. So I asked for his ID. And he gave it to me and it was 1990, which is the correct year, but I had to look at the day too. So I ended up at what looked like my table at my house. (it’s a dream lol). But I had a calculator out and was typing in all these wrong numbers. I don’t know why I needed a calculator to figure out if he was old enough or not, but like I said… I kept typing in the oddest numbers and I knew they were wrong and I was wondering why I kept typing in these numbers. And that was it really for that part.