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I dreamt that I was on an

I dreamt that I was on an adventure with some sort of team. We were journeying through this place that resembled World of Warcraft. I was with Itachi and we were trying to catch Sasuke. I think we were trying to rescue him from being captured by some sort of evil other team. We were at a sweets factory that the tour guide said was the best in Japan! I was like Meiji!?!? But it was Glico. And I was like, oh, I guess that's okay. So we were there, chasing Sasuke and then the other guys showed up! And we were chasing them, and suddenly Sasuke split in two! I said to Itachi "Go! This is your chance!" So he gave chase and caught one! But it wasn't Sasuke, it was an illusion. So we were rolling around and we saw Su Liu!! Because I guess Glico is actually Riot Games? So I was like we need to catch her to gain entrance. He was silent. I was like "Just use henge and sneak up on her!" So he did and he caught her, but then....she was drowning? So then we were trying to save her?