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Watched some sort of dark video simulation

Watched some sort of dark video simulation of something. Something that explained UFOs and something else. Sitting on couch downstairs with brother and mom, mom somehow explains that that is the cause of her fear of flying, and so that she will kill herself at 5pm. I can’t remember what causes her to say this, but she says, “you know I only say these diet tips to help you right?” and something about how she doesn’t necessarily think I need them, just that she wants to help me. I’m depressed about the 5pm thing, and seeing that it’s 11am, I decide I’m gonna go cry and take a nap. I get upstairs to my room which is dark, and when I get inside there is a kitten already lying on the bed, and another has just lay down. There is an intolerable stench of pee and feces, and I look to see that the cat is leaking a puddle of pee and poo onto the bed. I’m disgusted and angry and go to open the balcony door with my cat at my feet. When I open the curtain, however, there is a duplicate sitting outside waiting to come in. The cat at my feet tries to make sure I don’t open the door and tries to warn me of the imposter, but then I am forced to think that perhaps the one at my feet is the imposter. I can’t really remember the rest but it’s me trying to figure out an explanation as to which is the real cat. Disturbed and frightened and kinda panicked.