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sitting at dining room table across from

sitting at dining room table across from someone (I don't see the face only the gun). I know they are going to shoot me. I ask isn't there any way they don't have to kill me. they ask me not to beg like they have too much respect for me to hear me like that. I know it doesn't matter if I beg. they stand over me. I am kneeling, I cover my face. I am resigned to death. they point the gun at the top of my head and pull the trigger. I feel pressure but not really pain. I begin to wonder if I have been shot after all. I get up onto the dining room chair, a little woozy and weak. Sitting I put my hand to my head. it is bloody. I can feel the blood on my hand. In the next room is my teenage daughter watching TV. I stumble to her and try to explain and tell her I love her. I wake up. - this dream has been driving me crazy all day.