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We are at my Aunt Ediths house.

We are at my Aunt Ediths house. My Aunty Elsie was there too. My Mum is there too. Its a pleasent atmosphere and we are discussing my Dad ( deceased) My Mum spots a tape measure and gives me a cheeky look and wraps it around her waist. It annoys me. We walk outside. there is a disturbance in the trees. I see a big cat Puma or mountain lion..having a fight with a large bird. The cat is trying gto harm or kill it. Eventually the cat leaps down from the tree over my head and lands behind me. It survives and runs off.

Dreamt that friends and I went to

Dreamt that friends and I went to a spot for fun but turns out it was filled the crocodiles. The area has lots of water and trees. Most of my friends died but I was able to get away. Me and another friend were driving and we stumbled upon the same spot. However, it seems like it was a while after because the place had more grass and trees. We saw a crocodile but we ran and got away . We got to another area that seemed like a park but filled with water. There were crocodiles there too. My friend had jumped into the water without knowing. I did see the crocodile in the water but didn’t get a chance to warn her and she was eaten while I ran and got away. I was in a strange place that I didn’t know when I looked around.

First part was we were at school

First part was we were at school and we had an event. My first ex came because she was some soft of a visitor there. We we are somewhere café and I wanted to talk to her and be her best friend again but she is always busy and had to go home since her parents were outside as I was still trying to talk to her. My second dream was weird, we were somewhere not near the city and just grass and some trees. There were a lot of people and we were divided by 3 each at least. each has their own hiding spot and we would change our spots so the ones that will check on us will not recognize us for we were planning for an escape. It was fine at first, not really brutal but scary. The soldiers would randomly check and kill if they want to. I was with an older person like a 5 years gap and a baby. Each should have a baby and must protect the baby at all costs. At the beginning, we kept on changing spots and that draws an intimate connection with the person I was with. I start imagining the older person as my second ex and want to kiss him/her badly. So i keep trying to kiss her/him intimately when I had the chance to and he/she would not want it much for it was wrong but she/he was patient with me and understood me. So then, the last kiss was long and very passionate as I imagine my lips on the lips of my ex. It was tender, felt so good, and felt so real. I kept on saying sorry to the older person but I cannot help it. The third dream was kind of fast, it was the worst prison that I could go to. They had the monstrous boss and would kill you if you dont have a baby that you are protecting or feeding. each one has their own cell and the two older ppl must have at least one baby that they are currently taking care of. I was paired with someone and one person joined us in that cell and we gave her our baby out of pity and that left us with none. There was a checker person that was in favor of us and wanted to help us so he told us to ask for someone elses baby to take care of. So right away, we saw the front of has like 4 babies so we asked for one and promised to take care of it and we were just really close to each others cell. So then, we planned an escape but my dream ended with imagining of escaping and finding a big city. it was a lucid dreaming, i was making a big city out of the prison so taht we could stay there and be safe. I woke up and got mixed feelings.

I dreamed that I was going to

I dreamed that I was going to work, hunting demons and at the end of my shift (around 7 at night) a demon attacked me and I was left naked in the street walking disoriented and alone towards a hospital where there was a party, a colleague from work he gave me his coat and tried to cover me during the way, when I arrived at the hospital a doctor who was drunk and seemed to know me well treated me. He gave me shorts and I put them on, he offered me beer and I drank until I got drunk when I woke up I was almost completely alone and there was no light at all in the hospital, a girl was caressing me and when she realized I woke up she moved away from me ( only there was no light in the hospital) when I got up to leave I walked disoriented because I was still drunk and then the girl came up to me and helped me walk towards the exit (in the course of this it started to rain) and at the entrance of the compound there were a shadow that was familiar to me. when we approached the Gate (which was completely open and abandoned I saw the face of the person and it was my grandmother (she was throughout my distant childhood and she did not treat my mom well) she offered me decent clothes and a car to take me home, the The girl who was helping me without thinking rejected her and told her to leave and that it hurts me, so I angrily told the lady that I don't want anything from them and asked her "why are you so worried about me?" perhaps now that I'm better, do you think I need them?", she answered me with a simple "No", the girl then told her 'go away and don't bother him again, he is a very good person, he always cares about others and always she strives to improve" then I managed to see the face of the girl (and it turned out to be the girl from 16 of my other dreams with whom I had a mishap that is my responsibility and for that reason we stopped talking even though I apologized to her) when she It was my grandmother, I bent down and began to cry inconsolably and cursing her and all my paternal family, the girl tried to comfort me, I yelled at her and told her that she would leave me alone, she gave me a hug and kissed me on the mouth crying and everything this while it was raining with the force of a hurricane, so she ran away crying; and he left me alone I turned around for a moment he saw me and said through his tears "I wish you good luck" I walked very slowly up a hill and when I finished walking I arrived at what seemed to be my house I lay down at the foot of one of my apple trees that were producing fruit and the apples were a beautiful reddish-green color (I do have 2 little apple trees in my house, but they are quite young) from my house while it was still raining very hard. apple trees are very symbolic for me, they represent my acidic and not very warm childhood on the paternal side and sweet and comfortable on the maternal side, also my maternal Great-grandparents were extremely poor and ambitious farmers of Goat's Milk apple trees and potatoes. and in reality, whenever I am near an apple tree I feel peace, nostalgia and I am proud of my maternal family

In my dream in my house there

In my dream in my house there are 2 big snakes in wall and I don't whos that my one girl we get out of home and at that time I'm pregnant, I'm not married roads are full of snakes all are calling that snake as rathinam road sides are coverd with fields and plants trees one lady ask me do u want papaya and I pulk one but I didn't eat it,not only I remember that papaya makes abort the baby,then me and my frd some girl we went to hospital there a nurse sister I show my document she asked oh ur pregnant I tell that I already came here before some years, and she also realised me and they make me to sit on chair and my boyfriend came there he's my husband and they moved me for bed and pain starts my boyfriend (husband)catched my hands that's all

I dreamed that there was this war

I dreamed that there was this war happening and that I was much more involved than I am in the war now In class we would have drills pertaining to the war. It was really scary. So all the freshmen and sophomores went on this trip and Sue and I were left behind. So when the trip returned everyone sought to create everyone's worst nightmare. All these people were chasing me and trying to shoot me, which I guess is my worst nightmare. I ran into my house, which was like the Order of the Phoenix in Harry Potter. Mr. Bailey was there with a palette of nail polish, trying to communicate some code to me. But I couldn't figure it out. So then I escaped to a kind of vineyard where Sue's worst fear was being realized. Her worst fear was that everyone had found out some secret about her. So there were all these freshmen and sophomores tormenting her in the trees of the vineyard, saying things like, "We know, Sue..." and then I remember one of them saying "We know about Abbylius," (I just made that name up in my dream) and then I woke up.

White bed in a meadow, trees, my

White bed in a meadow, trees, my daughter was happy sat up on it , I kisses her and hugged her she looked at peice.