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I was on a landing craft on

I was on a landing craft on dday I managed to fight my way up the cliffs and make it to the trenches only to be guned down by an lmg

Everyone one i love keeps on dying

Everyone one i love keeps on dying in different ways, also my dog keeps dying. I also constantly dream i am at work in the trenches ...:(

I was riding on a cargo freight

I was riding on a cargo freight train through a war-torn area, along with many others. The train was moving so slow that donkeys caring bags and suitcases could walk alongside us at matched speed. We were attacked by guerillas and those on the train with me began fighting back, shooting and pushing those attackers off that tried to jump on the train. I became overwhelmed and felt as if I didn't have the energy to keep fighting. Everything went into slow-motion, and I realized that our attackers are not carrying any weapons and are mere children (ages 10-20). In the trenches alongside the train, I see hundreds of corpses on top of corpses (as if these children were victims of a mass homicide and thrown by the train tracks). I started yelling for everyone to stop fighting these children, but they looked at me as if I were crazy, pushed me to the side, and kept battling. I jumped off the slow-moving train and saw a survivor in the trenches. Upon leaning down to help what appeared to be a severely wounded, malnourished boy of 10-13yrs, I reached to support his head and was startled at the touch of the pus and blood spilling wounds he had. As I was startled, I drew my hand back and his head fell off--only the skin had already grown over this wound, and now I had what was then a badly decomposed body in front of me. Convinced he was alive a moment before, I looked over at his head and was terrified to see that his eyes could still blink and look around--and that his mouth was still moving as if trying to moan. I tried to back up, stand up, anything to get away, but kept slipping on the other corpses. Then this boy's body attempted to stand up. I was terrified beyond belief and finally gained enough ground to stand and run. I looked back and saw his body standing, headless, and with very jerking movements, begin to walk...