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I dreamt a small innocent looking man

I dreamt a small innocent looking man in his 60s was catching a female mute swan to be taken somewhere. He put her in the back of a delivery van (in this case, frozen chips/fries) but it was empty. As he put her in he threw her because she tried to defend herself and then I witnessed him throwing a large heavy roll of paper at her and shouting You S.O.B... The make swan was calling for her (with the voice of a stag) from the public park where they lived. The man disappeared but I had taken down the number on van to report. He returned and i somehow got in the van and rescued the swan who was all bound up and strung up like a trophy. The man said he was going to kill both of us but I got her out and released her back into her habitat. He found out and chased me, but then I found his van all boarded up in an attempt to hid his identity. I ripped it all off to show people who he was.

I took the so called check or

I took the so called check or whatever from my grandmother by accident , rushed to get it back ended up not having it any more at all. when I tried to find him again I ended up in wc cafeteria. but it wasn't in the a building it was the gym trophy area. dula and magie were there and I told her how we were gonna move to Alabama , she playfully rejected and I told magie how ima take a plane there and how it would only take a hr to get there she gave a dumb response saying we would be in Atlanta if it took that long and dula told her to be quiet. that's when I realized I didn't have the check and I frantically went to the weight room where I saw my grandmother talking to about 3 students and she thought I was late and asked who I was, I responded exhausted head facing the heavens and said , it's me grandma.

depicting the Pentagon under the control of

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I was in the mall, and there

I was in the mall, and there was this huge line for a ride that was outside, and my friend and I cut the line because we saw familiar people. I went on the ride a bunch of times and then one time I went to get on, my legs no longer worked and I couldn't reach the seat of the ride and my friend's dad said that I had "muscular dystrophy", and then my cousin appeared and showed me a book and then we went to a trailer and there was a hurricane and we had to kill a spider and the old woman and boy that lived there let me play their tiny piano.