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I am sure where i am but

I am sure where i am but i think their is a trailer like rv thing and i am surrounded by family we were gathered their because a cousin name larry had passed away but while we were gathering he was their alive and then we were all crammed in this rv like thing and i was feeling jelous or not accepted by anither cousin name tony then i remember being outside and it looked like we were in a park or something i was standing on the back deck of the trailer. Then i was with someone talking and we seen this group of girls i think and felt like they didnt belong their that this was a family gathering for my cousin so myself and someone else went to confront these girls suddenly i am bymyself with them and they are causeing a seen and went into our trailer to confront and start trouble and i got upset and was a little scared and nervouse started yelling this was my cousin and he is not in good shape and i will not tolerate you being here with his heart condition. then everyone was laid out on gurneys in rowws outside sleeping and i was starring at all them and i told my uncle gary i wanted to leave to go fishing and they didnt want me to go kept telling me stay here. then suddenly my husband was standing their and i wanted to go trout fishing and they convinced me to stay and i looked uo and thought their had to be atleast 100 people all my family on gurneys provided by a funeral home for people to sleep on.

I had a dream outside and inside

I had a dream outside and inside my house taking place mainly during night it was like the movie mr. And mrs. Smith me my dad and sister were shooting people with guns and I knock some boy out to take his car and my friend who runs fast took his keys as plan. Then help him to the backyard so he would be cool with us and he was. He gave me some blue trout or fish to eat it taste pretty good but then we were taken fire from a car