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I was in a room in the

I was in a room in the house I used to live in and I was sitting on the floor next to my mom. Suddenly we could hear loud trumpets and my mother said "the Lord is finally taking us home." But the trumpets continued to sound and nothing happened. Then I woke up.

I went down a mechanical belt out

I went down a mechanical belt out the front of my house and saw my family and the sky broke open and i heard trumpets

I heard 2 knock at the door

I heard 2 knock at the door at this point I was woke, so I laid there waiting on someone to come in no one did.. I started to drift off to sleep but something wore heavy on me to check the door so I got up and opened the door no one was there so I locked it and laid back down. As I started to drifted off I could see my cousin Roy, who is very much alive to date laying in a funeral home. All of the family and loved ones were at the service accept my sister Lana as my Brother and I approached the casket to tell him that we love and will miss him then returned to our seats. the next thing we know it was nolonger Roy Laying there it was Grandma Ada. She sat up and took a deep breath, then streatched her body as though she had been sleep and started to crawl over to me and my Brother. She the stood up and put her hands on my Brother`s cheeks and began to whisper all that I could understand was Evil. She the proceeded to crawl to me she turned and looked at me and knodded her head and tghen she said to us where is Sissy. That is my sister`s knickname. She then crawled back and laid back down. Then my best friend Erica Tapp appeared, she is very much alive to date but in my dream she was dead rose up from the casket and said , " well I guess God is not ready for me yet, lets go". We began to walk and as we reached the outside of the funeral home she asked me did you hear that and I said what. we began to walk a little further and then she ask me again do you hear that and I said yes. She then looked at me and said " well I guess God is ready for me". we could hear the trumpets blowing. we hugged and told each other I LoveYou, she then turned and walked back into the funeral home. The funeral home was very beautiful it was made of stone blocks and cast iron fencing.

My deceased great grand mother woke up

My deceased great grand mother woke up and crawled over to my brother and me and stood up and put her hands on my brothers cheeks and whispered something to him I could only make out evil and she crawled to me and just knodded her her head aqnd then she said where is sissy' that is my big sister and that is what she called her. then my best friend who is alive todate but in the dream she was dead. rose up nd said well i guess that god isn`t ready for me yet lets go. as we walled out of the beautiful funeral home she turned to me and asked do you hear that. I said what' we began to walk a littele more when she said well I guess he is ready for me at that point I heard the trumpets blowing and she said well I have to gonow I love you . She then walked bak into the funeral home madeof brick with gated made of cast iron. It was so beautiful.

I had a dream that God descended

I had a dream that God descended from heaven down to earth. In a Giant form bigger than the earth. He had a large beard and a giant horse with wings and the trumpet sounding as he took the people that he was taking to heaven with him

I saw a vision on a sky,I

I saw a vision on a sky,I saw a throne of God surrounded by angels den I heared a voice say these angels are known as cherubims,and I saw other angels with six wings flying on top of a throne of god then the voice said to me these angels are known as seraphims,I heared the voice saying I must pray and cry for my sins then I prayed while I was praying I heared the sound of a trumpet then u rise up and say to myself...what happen is the world destroyed?later I found myself in church there were black n white people in church a woman walking with crushes was preaching the word of God then I here's the voice saying:I must write down the script of the bible and read it at home and I heared a voice says to me I must try by all means to listen and follow God's ways if not so I will be like dis man den I look to the sky and I saw an angel Lifting up a sort with a white man dead sturbed by an angel hanging on top of a sort...den I woke up from my dream.