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It started with me at Natalie's apartment,

It started with me at Natalie's apartment, where we talking about something that I don't really remember. For some odd reason, Natalie was wearing glasses and at some point during my visit I had my left arm stretched out in front of me and when I turned to face Natalie, I shattered her glasses, mostly the left lens. At that point everything else seemed to stop and I profusely apologized and did all I could to give her whatever medical attention she needed. I don't know why but she seemed withdrawn and in shock, or something. While I was getting a rag to wipe off the blood on her face, I kept thinking about a news story that a convict's fate would be decided by the people, a first in recent history. When I had a rag, for some reason it took me three tries to get the rag wet enough and once I returned to Natalie she had pulled out all the glass that was in her face, leaving very little left to do. While I was trying clean off the blood still on her face, I was also trying get her to talk to me but she was still very unresponsive. I kept trying by bringing up different things and the convict who's fate was in the hands of the people kept coming up in both my thoughts and my attempts to get a response from Natalie.

rite scary dream first a lad is

rite scary dream first a lad is in my house taking the gas meter out and tells me he can get in my house at anytime i chase him tell him noway and he yells me i will regret it then i hear beeping outside go to my front door and another lad with a chisal telling me he is gonna take the paint off and repaint my door and i chase him he has a wide eyed scary look and tells me not to trying get rid of him cos more will come scareir then than him still feel quite unerved by the dream