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In my bedroom, tricorder (scanning device from

In my bedroom, tricorder (scanning device from TV show Star Trek) turned into a person, ran away in fear that other objects of mine would turn into people. My aunt was eating and drinking, claiming to be feeding her soul. A woman in a jumpsuit claimed to have a creature in her throat, my mother couldn't find one, put her to take a nap in my bed and made her soup. The Addams Family in movie theatre,

Getting ready for a mini gathering with

Getting ready for a mini gathering with Pepper, Hanna, Linda Overslept? Supposed to meet them at 11:00am but woke up at 11:07am Went to Giant to shop for brunch items Run into Hanna and Linda I've prepared chicken and waffles I want to get something else. Linda suggests I get blueberries too I drive over to the park and it's now a Starbucks employees gathering. On a pier of some sort. Looking over a beautiful lake. With a ropes course and mini islands. I get worried because I don't know how to swim. I'm with Von and Frankee? Von is so cool. She's dressed in blue button up and khakis. Everyone is. I'm wearing chambray top and black pants. Will that be ok? Von wants to swim and do a ropes course. Gets really excited. But then mentions she's on her period and can't. I'm next to a Hispanic guy. Then BlackCindy from the tv show, "Orang is the New Black" appears with a huge duffel bag. I hold the bag for her. She sits next to me on wooden bench. She's so funny. Then next to me is... white guy, so familiar. Dax Shepherd. We start talking. I mention how I haven't had sex since I got married. I tell him not to get married. We talk about the TV show, "How I Met Your Mother." He starts flirting with me. Selena Gomez comes in. Crying. Everyone rushes over to her. I give her a tissue but she throws it away and gives me a dirty look. I don't take it personally.

Amy pole her dies and everyone is

Amy pole her dies and everyone is sad. They pay tributes to her on a tv show which I'm witnessing live. The tv show has a segment where a guy uses animals for comedy. After the segment and touching tribute, a slug escapes away from everyone's attention. I try to revert the slug with an obstacle, but I give up and he escapes and tries to eat one of the other animals. I get the attention of the host and he freaks. My vision is blurry and i run into a basement to get my glasses. I'm running through this office building like basement alone, and scared because I'm the only one here and that freaks me out. I finally find my glasses and sprint terrified back up to the people and the dream ends.

In my dream I was in a

In my dream I was in a room with believers and atheists and we were on a tv show. All the believers had to explain why they believe God exists and all the atheists had to write why God does not exist. When it got to my turn I gave my testimony and then I started singing a song that I've never heard before, then this woman started crying, then I woke up singing the same song