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I was waiting for someone, i went

I was waiting for someone, i went outside and sat on the steps, i stared through a church window until stainef glass appeared, on the inside was a cafe, outside there was weave hair on the ground. I went upstairs and there was a band playing, the streets looked like new york, i saw doppelgangers, i was drinking milk from a baby bottle someone instead gave me a pacifier and i swung on a swing afyer growling at them while they were holding a baby, even though they looked homeless. There eere raised bed gardens everywhere and people were planting stuff like a zen garden, they talked of catching garden snakes with tweezers while another girl began making dumplings i spit the food out and it looked like wax, it was as of i was really drunk and or high

In my dream, I was at a

In my dream, I was at a friends house from high school. While at his house I took a glass from his cupboard and poured a cold drink in it. I didn't actually see the glass break, but then ended up feeling a sharp pain from my goot. Then I looked down to see the glass inside of my barefoot. I then asked for tweezers and started pulling out the shards of glass which were bloody coming out of my foot. One of them that I pulled out was over an inch long. I placed each shard on the counter top

In my dream I seemed to have

In my dream I seemed to have a constant pain in my ear (I think it was the right one) and later on was told I had termites in my ear. I was given a liquid medicine that reluctant to use I had to pour into my ear and this killed the insects right away but they had to be pulled out with tweezers. Once all were removed a green foamy pus was pouring out and I cleaned it up and felt like new - no pain. Then my don (the middle one) complained of the same pain and had to get the same thing done to his ear. But this time the pus was a pink colour. He felt better instantly like me it was a disturbing and confusing dream it left me feeling disgusted and squeamish.

It was night out. And I was

It was night out. And I was wearing a white dress. I had an unknown object in my thumb, which my mother proceeded to pull out with a pair of tweezers. It was bloody. Then, I escaped out the door to get into a black van, where there was a couple snuggling in the backseat and a guy in a towel was driving. It started driving down my lane and halfway down I get a bad feeling, so I jumped out of the van and ran back to my house. When I got it, my sister was crying and she would not tell me why.