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I just fell asleep. Dreamed of one

I just fell asleep. Dreamed of one elder of ex speaking to another saying she won't come to family reunion. She was in my kitchen as she talked her head became covered then she became a child face with full black eyes no white in them not anyone I know and came at me and I had a butcher knife in my hand all of a sudden to protect myself and I could not speak but felt very threatened and scared and tried to say I would kill her but was scared she was a kid and I shouldn't but was scared and felt danger. I couldn't speak but tried so hard to.

Dreamed I was at a school reunion

Dreamed I was at a school reunion and I saw some old school friends that I haven’t seen since school I also was dressed in a policeman’s outfit and then a ball gowns which was very nice I didn’t what to get up to nice a dream.

I was with other men (maybe 2)

I was with other men (maybe 2) and we had a coloured venomous snake to help us get or take something precious. However the shake placed or hid the precious item somewhere and would not tall us. Our leader was confident that he could relate to the snake and retrieve the information. I warned the leader against such action however he insisted. I got the other team/gang members to leave the room with me because I was fearful to approaching the piousness snake to press it for the information. The leader reached into the snakes eye trying to union with the snake. I did not see what happened but I knew that the leader was bitter (I got an image of the bite mark on the ankle), I knew the leader to have died but I also got an insight that he did not die.

I went to a party with my

I went to a party with my friends got black out drunk and got pregnant. went to a high school reunion pregnant with no father

I lived at number17, on entering I

I lived at number17, on entering I went in to the lounge and found priests delivering communion to some people,and on a dresser I found an old empty wine bottle with the image of st Paul moulded in the glass with his name, he was tied to wood without a head, I am not particularly religious and looked up st Paul and found out that is how he died, what does this mean

These purchasing haversack need to look for

These purchasing haversack need to look for the CE tag, which is necessary on goods accredited on the market inside European union, as well as the United kingdom Normal number 1836:June 2006. black salomon shoes

I was on a plane with my

I was on a plane with my buddy toucan, but toucan looked like my other friend Michelle, and we were gonna fly to delaware bc toucan had some family reunion or something going on, and i was along for the ride. I was supposed to fly to delaware with her and then call my mom n dad. We were flying, when we openednoir laptops and started chatting over skype?? We plugged our laptops into these power outlets on the plane. Some people were yelling at us for being too loud?? We then land back in Pennsylvania, in a random street bc its too stormy to fly suddenly. Our piolet, who looks like my bus driver, nearly hits this kid dinah i know. We all get out of the plane. I run across the street to this nearby hotel / apartment complex. I tell the clerk about our situation, and ask for rooms. He frowns and tells me there is no rooms open, and hes sorry. I run back outside and tell everyone else there isn't anymore rooms for us to dtay in before i wake up.

My boyfriends pregnant ex girlfriend show up

My boyfriends pregnant ex girlfriend show up to the family reunion where she was not wanted and I said is that baby yours he said they started talking then he started loving on me she got mad