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I was at an eclectic theme park

I was at an eclectic theme park of sorts with some friends. We went on some rides. One of them was a roller coaster that turned into a spinning ride. After that, I played a slot machine and won a ticket for a free wish. When I went to make the wish, I had to go into a closet in the dark and light a candle. I made the wish to transition to male successfully. There was an old ouija board in the closet. After I made the wish, the minor Greek god(?) Charon gave me a knife sent me on four quests. Charon accompanied me along the way as a thin aura shaped like a human. The first quest was to ride another roller coaster. That was easy enough, but the problem was that the ride operator forgot to do the restraints. I did them just as the ride went over the hill. Deciding that I passed the quest, Charon sent me to do the second quest. The second quest was to go into a woman's wardrobe and steal a hair clip. I had to slip in unannounced and look in her memories, which took place in the Fanboy and Chum Chum universe. One of them was her finding out that one of her male friends, Kyle, was pregnant. Kyle was trans and stealth. I decides to to help Kyle face his fear of heights by helping him discover that he could fly. After that, I had to duel with a younger male version of myself. He was around 9-10 years old. At first, I killed him with the knife, but Charon was disappointed in me when I did that. I then learned that I had to subdue him by trying him down and letting Athena do the rest. I had to ask Charon for assistance to complete this task, but I succeeded. I woke up before I could complete the fourth quest. I wanted to do the fourth quest

I had a dream I was in

I had a dream I was in four separate universes with a different dimension in the dreams.

I had a dream I was in

I had a dream I was in fourth separate universes with a different dimension in the dreams.

Before i went to bed one night

Before i went to bed one night i asked the Universe Who am I And in the middle of the night I heard this beautiful voice say In my ear la lamir.

I dreamed I was in another woman's

I dreamed I was in another woman's body in another state then she passed out and I was walking in the hotel from a much shorter vantage point. I got off the elevator and a guy bumped into me and I said stuff to him but he was looking like he didn't hear or see me. Then I was in the lobby area and looking at silver knives and jewelry then I looked up and noticed a lot of people walking outside and it was nighttime then I looked back at the pretty stuff for sale when I noticed a very tall being looking at me from the booth it was at and got the feeling it wanted me to go over there so I did. I went to where it was and can't say if it was a boy or girl but was ten feet tall slender with big dark eyes and was wearing a purple/blue cloak and pointed with its long fingers up at this tiny universe and the planet was crystalline and beautiful and I said, wow it's so beautiful and suddenly awoke

There was an eclipse and I could

There was an eclipse and I could see the astroids very close to the earth and then the moon blue and that earth got sucked into the universe

Like it was water all around my

Like it was water all around my house with wooden furniture floating like our transportation was more that cars it was boats and when I looked up I saw the sky Scarry looking like all purple orange and like the universe exploding

I was flying in space, in the

I was flying in space, in the universe, i saw the earth, the sun and saturn, i saw that earth was shrinking because the sun was too close to it, so i rescued the earth, and i tried to balance it back again so that it won't fly away into an endless cycle to nowhere. when i got the earth stable again, in it's axis, i also sensed that the gravity was a bit out of sync, but as soon as i got it under control, i saw someone i knew, sitting there on the earth, i told him to stay put and not to move too much otherwise he will cause the earth to swing into an unstable situation again. he was very sad and sorrowful for what has happened and he kept on saying he's sorry, he felt very guilty for doing something, but i didn't know what. then i saw saturn on my right moving closer, and i held out my hand and commanded it to STOP, and it stopped halfway and just stayed put. there wasn't a lot of brightness in the universe, only a dim light shining on earth and the sun looked quite exhausted. there was another planet on my left that was even closer to the earth, but i knew that this planet was responsible for keeping earth afloat, i think it was the moon. i remember speaking to God, asking Him to give earth another chance, they deserve it.