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McPhee saw the attitude change in the

McPhee saw the attitude change in the defense. Holy Cross is in Worcester, about 50 miles northwest of Foxborough. Coach Jeff Fisher broke the news during post-practice remarks Friday at Lindenwood University, grinning at the end of a lengthy answer summing up a scrimmage Friday night that drew about 4,000 fans. "The United States shouldn't be 28th in the world in anything," he said. The Las Vegas charges, filed earlier Friday before the plea agreements were announced, had the same pattern as the previous allegations.

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I was at a school, or university,

I was at a school, or university, or college. And I was walking around and then the school turns even on me and for some reason I either uad this dream befor wit I knew what ti do because I just said to myself this isn't real and they are nit there. I went thought scary hallways and I got lost in that schol before I did thise things. I finally got to stairs and once I looked down there was an evil girl and a nurse. So I wrnt back to the hallways. I finally manage ti get out of that school and saw my best friend and told her what happened. It hapoened to her to while I was next to her. Her eyes turned white and I told her its not real and she snapped out of it

The dream began with me waking up

The dream began with me waking up to a text message on my phone, I wake up and scroll through the notification centre to see a text message from my instructor Ms. Maryam (Interior Design instructor at the time of the dream). The text message said, “I need to see you in my office today”. I jumped out of fear thinking why would she want to meet me after the final exam is over. To understand why she wanted to see me I open banner to check my final grades and surprisingly the final grade was not uploaded, which made me feel more anxious. I wake up and get ready immediately wondering why she wanted to meet me. I wear a blue abaya and a white scarf, and leave for the bus. I remember falling asleep as soon as I go in the bus. I wake up when we reach the university and I feel my heart beating fast. As I get down the bus and as I get closer to her office, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I reach near her office and see her office is open, I pray to Allah to make things easy for me, and take a minute to calm myself and knocked her door. I see Ms. Maryam looking at me in a weird way, she looked different than what she usually looks like, she had the same face but she looked shorter, and long arms. She had a pink coat with flower patterns and was wearing blue jeans. She tells me to take a seat, I felt shivers going through my spine. She asks me if I checked banner for the final grade, and I tell her I did and the grade was not uploaded yet. She looked sad and says, “it is because you didn’t get a good grade”. You received an F. She goes on to tell me about her having so much of high expectations on me and it is just not my failure, it is hers too as an instructor. I began tearing up and wake up from my dream.

I was working in a clinic/doctor's office

I was working in a clinic/doctor's office as a newer employee. I am currently a new employee at a bank, but medicine and care is the last place I'd see myself working. All the staff at the clinic in my dream was the same staff I work with at the bank. I worked very hard this shift, and we were open late so I lost track of time and stayed much longer than I had been scheduled. One of the older staffers, who i recently covered a shift for at the bank, praised me and was very greatful i had stayed, as there was an influx of patients as the night got later. Soon it was packed with patients and more coming in. Although we were overwhelmed, I was told to go home. I packed my things, singing along to the radio to Lean On Me while doing so (a child in the waiting room sang along with me), and left. I hadn't realized there was something wrong until I got outside. It was night time, people were running and hurrying and everyone had packed bags and family scurrying around them. Once outside, I could see I was at my university campus. All the commotion stopped me in my tracks, and I could only think to get home to my family, which I instinctively knew was to the right. I started running amongst the people, as they were exiting the campus I was pushing against them and running back in. Among the people running in every direction, I saw my mother (now deceased), younger than I had ever known her. She was scrambling, and I thought she would be running home, but she ran in the opposite direction. On my campus she ran towards the building that I am in frequently, not towards the clinic or the direction of home. I called out to her but he couldn't hear me, even though she turned to look. I caught a glimpse of my brother trying to reach her too, but he looked like he was running home. And then I woke up.

I dreamt that I was going on

I dreamt that I was going on vacation to Atlantic city and I talked to a coworker beforehand. I was going with a group of single coworkers and anticipated it would be fun. When I got there the coworkers disappeared and while looking for them I discovered my aunt was there, invited to the same trip I was on and same hotel. At first I didn't understand why she was there but I couldn't find my coworker friends and she needed my help finding someone who tried to spy on her in her room. The hotel was huge and we walked to the other side, and I was glad she came because she was a cool aunt. When we got to the other side I immediately saw a group of Lincoln Church ladies sitting at a table for a meeting. Sandy went up to say hello and apparently didn't have a problem. I first noticed Mrs Leigh was not there and wondered if something happened to her since I had no talked to anyone from Lincoln Church in many years. I went up to say hi and they either gave me snubs or a handshake without looking at me or acknowledging me, and that was Mrs Fogan. I saw that Sandy disappeared and nod had to look for her too (on top of the coworkers). I discovered that I was now in University at Buffalo North Campus, which explained why the Lincoln Church Ladies were there and where they meet. I began to walk back to the beginning part of the hotel, which was part University at Buffalo On the way I wanted to use the bathroom but they weren't cleaned by the part time university student staff yet. One bathroom was sealed off as hazardous. When I got to the other side of the hotelthere a second bus load of coworkers got off, but this group were families and they immediately started to chat and eat dinner, but I though they would be less fun and wanted to cut it short to search for friends, and family, without seeming too short. I told my coworker and his wife, also my coworker that I would be back and left my phone and other essentials at the table to show I was coming back. I then went down a long corridor ended up having to park a car by remote and got a call from Rodney at the same time. The police were watching me park the car and I noticed I was now on the street in Philadelphia. It was hard to manage the call, which was on my Apple Watch since I left my phone at the table, because of the parking and trying to avoid getting a police ticket.