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We were hidding from unknown men but

We were hidding from unknown men but looking at the way it was it was not favourable..so i was caught among the rest and immediately our conversation was so good that the man even showed me a way out

I had a dream that I am

I had a dream that I am dressed in friend's house, in a flat. We are to leave. Suddenly my father and mother came, Both. Everyone's naked and ok with it.i even saw an unknown girl , same naked

This was a reoccurring childhood dream that

This was a reoccurring childhood dream that I had for years ending when I reached the age of 12, or so. The dream was all that I remembered after waking up in the morning and it really bothered me that I couldn’t remember what came before it. so what I woke up remembering so often was me swinging on a giant swing in an empty black space. I looked up and could see no top of the rope and when I looked down I could see no bottom, no floor. And you know that feeling you got in your stomach on swings as a kid? I felt that on every upswing. Of course time is weird in dreams and I felt this need, this uncontrollable urge to escape this endless swing by jumping off it into the dark abyss below. After building the courage to finally jump off the swing I always woke up before landing so I remember waking up frustrated by all of the unknowns regarding this very disturbing dream. I’m 66 years old today and have never forgotten this reoccurring dream from my childhood and I’m curious about an interpretation.

I dreamed of that all of my

I dreamed of that all of my lakeside friends, whom I only see during the summer, were surrounding me as I laid in bed. They were telling me to get up so we could spend time together, but when I got out of my bed, they dissapeared and I found myself in an unknown location that wasn't my room.

I met this doctor who was younger

I met this doctor who was younger than I and the unknown stepbrother of my ex-husband. He wanted me to marry him and have his baby. He wanted to use some new procedure that will reverse a hysterectomy. I started having pains in my lower right side even before the procedure. Then my 22 yrs. old niece agreed to carry the baby. I woke up with the pain still there.

I was dropped off at a hotel

I was dropped off at a hotel with my ex-wife. I was sitting on a bench waiting for something and I got up for a second to find my ex-wife having sex in the hall with an unknown white man. She had clothes on and he was naked. She stops and walks off and the man chases after her. She doesn't turn back and keeps walking out the dream with the unknown man running behind her. I walked into my girlfriend's room and my bestfriend appeared behind me. My girlfriend gets up out the bed and walks out the room smiling with another older woman laughing walking out with her. I was going to walk out following them, but I had to put socks on. I grabbed a pair of my socks to put on but one sock did not fit. There was 3 socks and I tossed the sock that did not fit. I determined that it was my girlfriend's sock. When I tossed the sock it landed on the edge of a red bucket of water.