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I dreamed i was on a cruise

I dreamed i was on a cruise in my room lying down , when the ship began to tip over and got upside down, then it started turn8ng again upright . We All passengers were ushered through a terminal onto another cruise ship , when I saw my husband with a small bag pack waiting for a plane ...talking to someone though I couldn’t see them , I suspected he was with another woman....I asked him what he was doing there , but I was pushed by the passengers ushered along. I hid behind a wall and was spying on my husband , see if I could catch and take a photo of him with the person.

I dremt that my mom, who passed

I dremt that my mom, who passed away 14 years ago, was in an RV, my daughter was driving, my mother and I were passenger's along with my dog. I had asked my daughter if she wanted me to drive and she declined. We hit some ice and I recall the RV flipping upward and over landing on the roof. When I saw this, like a movie, in my dream, I said, this is us. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them, I saw my mother who was laying inside the RV that was now turned upside down. She was wrapped in a blanket. I 1st asked my daughter if she was okay. She said yes, I then ran to my mother, took the blanket away from her face and asked if she was okay, she didn't answer but she appeared to be okay. I then called my dog, Bailey and she came running toward me. I recall a man coming toward the RV asking if we were all okay and I said yes, I think so, but please call the police. My mother never spoke to me and I then woke up.

I was took away with a family,

I was took away with a family, apparently my own yet I did not recognise any of them, and placed in a kind of storage container equipped with desks, a sofa, windows etc. It looked like a mix between an office and a home. We were then instructed to look out of the window. We saw a school bus full of teenage cheerleaders and a few random teenage boys pull up to some steps. the steps led up the side of a large cylinder type thing. They were all dragged out one by one and led to the top where they were one by one attached to a chain and dangled upside down and lowered into the cylinder slowly. The cylinder was full of a boiling hot substance. I could hear their screams and saw each of them being lowered in. I felt anger but no remorse or sadness. I didn't feel particularly horrified and didn't have to, nor really wanted to, look away.