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I was at the Valentine's Day dance.

I was at the Valentine's Day dance. I went into the MSAB and went into the bathroom. There was something strange about the lights but I went to the bathroom anyway. I was very stressed out about something. When I opened the stall door Bill was there. He had a purple fedora and ruffly scarf that were floating around him. I asked, “What are you doing with those items.” “Oh nothing, I just have an offer that might satisfy us both. You see I need someone to put this hat and scarf on, which hold the power of luck. Everything will go well for you in the next 24 hours. I said, “I don't want to make any deals with you. There's always a catch.” He said, “Are you sure about that? Don't you have many weights that you are dying to get off your shoulders. Plus these do go good with your dress. All you have to do is seal the deal with a handshake.” I hesitated but held his hand firmly and started to grab for the hat and scarf. “Wait”, said Bill, “Let me put it on for you, as a favor for something later.” “Ok?”, I said. As he looped the scarf around my mind whirled and suddenly Bill's image flashed before my eyes. I felt tingly and weird. I tried to get up but could not move. “What happened?” I said. My lips moved as if someone else was controlling them and Bill's voice came loud and clear, “Oh ,Anna! Guess who's still here!” Dang it I knew this was a trap. My body started to move as if it was someone elses. “Why are you always so persuasive? How can you trick everyone?”, I said. “Relax kid I promise to keep up my end of l the bargain. You just got to do your end of it and get me what I need.” “What is it that you need? Why do you need me? Couldn’t you just go where ever you want and do your thing?” “You see I can’t just go where ever I want. Some places I can’t even reach without tricking someone like you to get it for me. I need to get to this room in the ride they brought outside the school for the dance, you know the one. It says employees only on the door, but thats just so people don’t go in. If you can help me get you there I will leave you with the hat and scarf. They actually work but only if you put them on yourself.” I just agreed and suddenly we started to walk towards the doors to the outside. The ride was simple but indoors. We hopped into a cart where my friends were. “Hey. We were wondering where you were. Hope this ride is good.” I was about to tell them about Bill but in the back of my mind he told me to act normal and he would do the rest. “Yeah I heard this ride is supposed to be okay. Its not the best though. Theres this part where you can get off and go through a door and there is more fun stuff there. It says employees only but thats just to keep people out. Want to go?” They hesitated but decided to go along. I just sat there and let Bill do the work. We got to the door, which was near a fork in the ride. I got out with my friends. “Are you sure we should go in there? This isn’t like you. Usually you would just ride the ride like everyone else.” I started to speak but then changed my mind about something and said, “Okay its not true about the fun on the other side of that door. The truth is Bill and I made a deal in the bathroom that he would help me with the stuff I have to do if I wore this hat and scarf. He tricked me and now he is using my body to get to this place. I don’t know what's in there I just know he wants to get in there.” They stared at me but said nothing. I said, “Come on Bill. You can talk now. I won’t do what you want unless you show yourself.” “Alright fine, stop being so persuasive. Now I know how you feel.” Bill said. My friends were shocked but just walked toward the door. Right before my hand moved to open the door Bill spoke again, “I guess were parting ways. You keep the hat and scarf. Actually no, you probably don’t want them. They don’t even work, it was all a trick. I’ll see you later!” Right before the hat and scarf flew off I woke up.

I had a dream the other night

I had a dream the other night where I was riding in a car driving down a suburban neighborhood street and every one was trick-or-treating like it was Halloween but it was Valentines day. There were Valentines day decorations on most of the home's doors and there were people dressed in cupid-like outfits and walking like zombies. As I traveled down the street I started to witness riots where people dressed in black were beating the zombies dressed in Valentines Day-like outfits yelling things like "God doesn't approve". After that I went home and was immediately scared because people were trying to break into my house. It was three people 1 woman and 2 men they were banging on my door like they weren't going to stop until they broke the door down. I ran to the back of my house and was able to relax like I had some time to spare, I started to pack. Then I walked down my hallway into a room where there was a large bird cage, in the cage there was a red bird, an orange bird, a green bird, and a yellow bird. The red and orange bird were just "normal" small birds, but the green bird was awkward looking with a long neck and made of beads. The yellow bird had the design of a peacock and was unfriendly. Even though I don't have birds in real life I felt like I needed to save these birds, I had a love for them. In the dream I needed to transfer each one into a smaller cage so that I could leave my house (that was being invaded by the people trying to break in). The first bird I got was the red one, which in the dream was my favorite. I then got the orange one, which didn't have much meaning to me for some reason. Both the red and orange bird went into the smaller cage willingly. Then I went to get the green bird made of beads and it urinated all over me on the way to put it in the smaller cage. So I hurried and put it in the cage. In the dream I could actually feel it. I was wet, so I went to change clothes quickly. Next I went to try and retrieve the yellow peacock-designed bird and it was hiding from me and took a little while to get it out of the cage. Once I got it out it bit me on the finger, causing it to bleed so I pulled my hand away and it went back into the cage. After that I could hear the people breaking in getting closer to getting into my house so I rushed to the other room to keep packing- leaving the yellow bird. I was packing my clothes when all of the sudden in my hallway the attic door opened by itself and a clear box full of silver fell out of the attic. I interpreted it in the dream as my late Grandmother's silver. I was confused and slowly walked towards the box. I retrieved it and on my bed was now the small bird cage, my suit case, and the box of silver.