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Mind I was an ancient vampire and

Mind I was an ancient vampire and was accompanied by a bunch of other vampires. We were outside in the day. There was a vampire who was infected with a disease that made her a canibal. I was protecting the other vampires from her because I was the only one strong and fast enough. I had the ability to read and control the minds of others. I would catch the bad vampire and lock her up but the cages were bad quality and I knew she would escape. Each of the other vampires had their own personality and potentials and I was also helping the control themselves not to eat the humans around etc. I didn't trust them though I kept a close eye on them because they could attack me and minute. One of them his face kept peeling and cracking and he kept trying to distract me by doing silly and ridiculous things

I was being chased and eventually caught

I was being chased and eventually caught by three vampires that resembled my wife and two kids. I was unwilling to defend myself and woke up as I was bitten.

I was with my ex-boyfriend and his

I was with my ex-boyfriend and his daughter at a playground, when he started acting crazy, so I drove away but I still had his daughter's coat, bag and car seat in my car. I worried she would be cold and was annoyed at my ex boyfriend for not being worried. Later I was in a giant school, cafeteria in England where my new boyfriend, one I had never met, was with me telling me how to get away from vampires, we were big chased by vampires and there were other people with us who kept getting killed by the vampires. We finally reached the cafeteria where we were safe but I tried to buy lunch and the lady behind the register kept getting angry at me and people were still being killed by the vampires.

I was smoking weed with my boyfriend,

I was smoking weed with my boyfriend, i felt really high so i wanted to go to bed. Later (I don't know how I got there) I was on some sort of bus with rooms and such and for some reason I thought it was mine. It all seemed a bit unfamiliar bit I just thought I was tripping. I was still feeling the effect of the weed and the people on the bus, my boyfriends friends, were acting really weird and ignoring me. It turns out the bus was one of my boyfriends friends. On the way to wherever we were going outside I could see Christmas decorations, I was laughing saying 'is it just me or can I see Christmas decorations outside? It's not even Christmas.' I was ignored and figured it was because I was tripping and making a fool of myself. Once again, I have no idea how I got there but I had arrived at somebodies house, but it was enormous, and i couldn't find my boyfriend or children. My children were never on the bus with me but I just kept crying that I just wanted to go home and find my children. I encountered weird things while searching for my boyfriend and kids. A midget who I wanted badly to hurt but who was protected by a giant was one. I tired to phone my boyfriend but a weird message kept coming up about the call/line being diverted. When I found my boyfriend he was laying in a bed with medical tubes and such in his arms. He had no eyes, or rather on closer inspection they were covered with flesh. So it kinda formed a pink fleshy eye. He couldn't talk to me much, but he told me that while I was stoned he had made me sign something as I was not able. He had no idea that this would happen though. I think he was being experimented on I made my way outside where I still knew was still apart of whoever was controlling this ordeal. There were Christmas things again and also Halloween decorations. I saw a vampire and thought that maybe this is what they were trying to do to my boyfriend. Experimenting to make human vampires. I then found my boy. He was all dirty and didn't seem overly stressed about it all. He was running about with other dirty children. At one point I thought he had lost an arm and was relieved when I realised he hadn't. He was a bit bruised though I think. I hugged him and cried and told him that I was sorry. This is when my daughter woke me up. When I awoke I was still feeling all the emotions from my dream and I cried. I dont think I've ever had such an intense dream, and it was so vivid.

I was molested by a vampire who

I was molested by a vampire who turned out to be my martial art teachers son. The vampire bit my hand and two lights came out of the bite marks,a rainbow and a yellow light. Then my aunt became pregnant out of no where. I tried to tell her Wat happened to me but I broke down crying. Then I went home and saw my nephew but I knew that he wasn't supposed to be there at the moment. Then the vampire who bit me had his friends chase me. At this point I'm no longer at my house I'm at my old boarding school. They catch me. I keep on trying to run away but they always catch me. Then I becom a white person ( not trying to sound racist) but the thing is my conscious isn't in her body. It's like I'm watching a movie. I watch her try to run, but she gives up and starts falling in love with the vampire.she tries to fight how she feels but she can't. She tries to run away one last time but fails. The other vampires try to convince her that she needs to except Wat happened to her but she won't. Then the vampire who molested her tries to convince her to stay but she is like " u molested me!!!!" At the end she gets of a oxen cart and is walking in snow with a hood covering her head. When I woke up I was horrified because I thought it was real Pleas help

A voyeur to a group of people

A voyeur to a group of people on the beach sunbathing nearest the rocks, the waves are crass, i am spying through binoculars. hummingbirds fly around my head like magic, im ecstatic but my friend berates me, the colorful birds start trying to peck out my eyes, so i cover my face, blindly walking and be lead along by the same friend. my sister and i are going to go swimming, but neither own a bathing suit, i try to cut some clothes as makeshift, but they are ill-fitting and i am exposed, my sister acts a bystander a question, then something about being plus sized. some mention of vampires, trying to figure out who the culprit is, who's the one who's been feeding.. i picture a man's face, he looks haggard and bestial. the ocean.. later i am in a stuffy old waiting room, and what seem to be hallucinations of cutesy cartoons muck about. someone speaks of darkness, and then apologizes.. crone?