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I bought out my parents house and

I bought out my parents house and decided to fill it with teeny weeny plastic vases until a ghost in a beany hat started possessing me and making me live under a piano stool forever. Then some homeless guy knocked on the door so I decided he should lay in bed with me to watch Netflix but I got embarrassed because there was crumbs everywhere. Suddenly there was a siren noise and I looked out the window and there were eggs hanging from the sky on long strings.

Okay in my dream I was at

Okay in my dream I was at the beach with my family and there was this guy with a blimp and it fell to the ground but I caught it and I won a prize but then I don't really remember what happened but my aunts new husband wanted to kill me and so did my mom so we were in the beach house and they took something hard like a vase and hit me in the head. I saw my body dead, I was dead. But then I left my body and ran to this police officer that was guarding the beach and said " Please, you have to help me I have been killed please believe me. " and after looking at me like I was stupid she started walking toward the beach house. And I sat there for a minute then I walked to the road behind the beach where the actual front of the beach house was and there were tons of flashing cameras, people watching, and 2 or 3 ambulances. and cops cars everywhere. The door to the house was open and people where coming in and out and I saw my mom and she just gave me an evil smirk like she could still see me. Then my boyfriend saw me, and ran up to me and hugged me and told me it would be okay. And I cried so hard that I woke up from my dream crying.