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A ship, the colors and patterns of

A ship, the colors and patterns of my room floats in on the shore, the people are docking it. Later theres a girl arguing with someone upset they're not going to make it to New Orleans. I escape and with me are two other people, one of them I sense is a friend, the other my rescue. We go out on a balcony overlooking the water under the moonlight, there are two water serpents or dragons, we both slither our tongues at each other. The friend is making comedic commentary, though I can't place who they are, as if there is a veil around my eyes. We go inside, he follows me frantically taking me up into his arms. It is only now that I noticed I'm wearing a backless velvet dress, like one I've thrifted before. He said he likes it, asking me if my mother made it. I look deeply into his eyes... We are dancing very close I can feel him, our hips and groin rubbing together. We're getting married he said, but I plea that I am already married, as my eyes dart towards the door.

Today I dreamt that Alison Kung was

Today I dreamt that Alison Kung was renting another room in the master tenanat's apartment. I was cognizant that I was asked to leave and didn't realize that the master tenant had remodeled the housing sans my room. Her lease was another room, with polished, shiny dark hardwood floor, several large windows overlooking a city off into the distance. The room is very large and includes built-in dressers and drawers. She mentioned that she just found it on Craigslist and that the price was really good for $895. She showed me a drawer full of expensive jewelry, some gold, some silver, some jade, most mixes of different mediums and colors. And surprising a number of them are shaped like a snake in coils, or in a line. Each piece had its place in the velvet off-white holder and as she closed the drawer, I wanted to see more. I wanted to comfort myself that I'll find a different place despite my jealousy.