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I dreamt about shroud of turin and

I dreamt about shroud of turin and was to mail to Jerusalem explaining to my son the location I ended up in Jerusalem looked like a small village of later times. Arriving at a shack I met two men that explained they only had beans and potatoes. I would make a soup when they put some meat on the table which I believe was lamb. Stepping outside I see a Jeep truck with 3 wheels (white) arrive Jesus driving got off and walked towards me. He was wearing all white very thin material brown sandels

My Friend and I were stealing cars

My Friend and I were stealing cars in a small village in winter time. In a gravel parking lot with a few old cars. We needed a car so we snuck around trying to steal one.

A young woman with orangeish blonde hair

A young woman with orangeish blonde hair had run away form her family this older couple allowed her to stay in their home the woman had been shown to a room and laid down to go to sleep for the night as it was late. in the morning the older woman went to wake her up and as the younger woman lifted her head up from the pillow this large orange spot with clumps of hair in it was left on the pillow the older woman screamed at the younger woman and told her to go get cleaned up. once the young woman had been cleaned up it could be seen that she was pregnant and the baby was due to come at any point. the old woman called the healer of their village to help the young woman who it could be seen was just a young girl not much older than 10 or 12 years old the girl was then asked to let the old woman and her husband go through her bag. when they did so they found many different kinds of drugs most of the bottles almost empty some completely empty. then the girl stared screaming it seemed that she was giving birth and when the baby came the old couple took the girl to court where they ended up fighting against the girl and her parents for custody of the baby. in the end the girl got to keep the baby.

I went to a friend's compound in

I went to a friend's compound in tghe village, people around there told me to stay away from the pond with big fishes, but i refused, i killed a fishin the pond to eat but all the fishes in the pond died and the water dried up

My mom, my sister, and I would

My mom, my sister, and I would take a trip up to some cabin onto of a hill surrounded by forest. Us three would get settled into the cabin and then my mom would tell me to go out and grab some firewood. Every time on the way back to the cabin I would see one wolf coming up through the driveway growling at me and then all of the sudden I would be surrounded by a bunch of wolves with no way out. Then my dad comes barreling down the driveway and to the cabin to save the day. Everytime he takes my place and somehow I am able to get away from the wolves. The first time I had the dream my dad shot all of the wolves and we were safe. The second time he didn’t shoot them, but was somehow able to scare them all away. And the last time I had the dream, my dad sent my sister and I to the nearby village, but when we were finally able to get help and get back my dad was dead. I haven’t had the dream since.

Me and my best friend were followed

Me and my best friend were followed by two attractive boys down a hill in my village. we went into the village and were in the shops and they started talking to us and they were in a west end musical.