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I had sex with the devil. It

I had sex with the devil. It was in the form of human man. Somehow I felt I knew this person, I was visiting his house to meet an elderly but he had other intentions. He tried to stop me from going before sunset which I had planned to go. Then he seduced me to have sex with him. I hesitated but then I agreed and had best sex ever

My ex and her family came to

My ex and her family came to visit and stayed over in a house I don’t recognize. Millions of spiders were crawling in and running towards my ex and I. I was stepping on them to kill them.

I saw my mother telling me how

I saw my mother telling me how we have lots of places to visit. Then I remember visiting a man whom I have never seen in real life yet is was married to with a kid probably in my dream (I never saw it in the dream nor was it mentioned I think, I just knew). We had an amazing amazing time together, the most close I've ever been to anyone I loved, it was surreal, it was the purest purest love I've ever felt. During that time, it was mentioned that I also had a relationship with my recent broken up ex, probably because the boy was only my baby daddy?? Well, we talked around, and I asked if he wants to know about the boyfriend, and he frowned, and he answered no, it's not because I want to know about him, but...and he never finished. In the end I again heard my mother telling me we have plenty of places to go to, and then I woke up. When I woke up, I couldn't remember his face, though I could see it in my dream, he kind of reminded my of my ex, but not exactly, he was different.

I visited London, I was at my

I visited London, I was at my friend's house, even though it wasn't my friend's real house. It was a party, boys and girls drinking and chatting...I was drunk and dizzy too... My friend didn't talk to me for the whole time and I wondered why...then the floor became lava, and my friend fell into it... I was thinking "I can't save him or I'll get burnt to death if I try. A girl jumped into the lava to rescue my friend and attacked me after for not doing the same. The lava wasn't hot so basically everyone was fine and I felt bad because I didn't save my friend!

My ex boyfriend came to visit me

My ex boyfriend came to visit me from over seas and he came back with a child. My ex was really small and skinny as if he was a child himself. His child was sitting on my bedroom floor watching tv as my ex boyfriend had disappeared