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I was a boy with short black

I was a boy with short black hair and blue eyes. I was in WWII. All I can remember right now is I was on a beach looking for survivors. There was a lot of debree, but there was no one around. I finally found a dog under what looked like to be a dresser. It was a medium size with long white fur with caramel spots. I looked at my friend and pointed out her dog. Everything flashed black and the beach was full of people and large trucks with storage areas. I was frantically running around looking for the dog from earlier, the same dog. I found it standing next to all my friends and I was a girl again. The dog was standing next to a close friend and I ran over and hugged it. The dog was wearing what looked to be a kelp necklace with little white flowers on it. I tried to get it to come with me but my grind stopped me because that dog was her slave now. I then volunteered myself to be a slave also to be with my dog and I ran around on all fours.

I was at a pep rally in

I was at a pep rally in the glenn campus building like always. Except there was a giant climbing toy like the kind you find at a fast food restaurant replacing the stage. There were many children in this tall foam and cage building, it looked more indestructible than the regular ones. There was this man who looked like a ringmaster coming into the gym who was stopped by my spanish teacher but as he stepped forward his eyes flashed a different color then the teacher came forward to introduce him. “This is Howard the ringmaster. He will be giving a performance with members from the audience.” Howard’s eyes flashed a different color, blue shade, and the spanish teacher looked confused but just walked back to where he was standing before. I thought that it was strange how his eyes changed but I thought it was just the trick of the light. “I need a volunteer from the audience. Someone from this front row? Howard said. He pointed to the girl next to me and she came up. “Now most people think that all the things I do here are pre - planned and fake. I can assure you that this person has no idea that she would be picked today. I want to show that many people can do the most extraordinary things. You just got to have the will, practice, and ability. Most people don’t put enough effort into this but I can make people use these extremely well and get them to do their special talent however I want. I can control how these people act. Sarah, I will show this on you first.” His eyes flashed again a more greenish shade and a smile grew across Sarah’s face. She bent backward and did about twenty backflips across the floor and landed perfectly. Then she did a cartwheel back to her seat. Howard’s eyes turned a brilliant blue and Sarah’s smile faded and she looked very confused. “What just happened. All I remember is being picked by that guy.” I thought this was strange and started to think about this guy. He was completely new to this school and the trick he did was almost like hypnosis. He did the same thing with a couple more people each presenting a different talent. He last came to me and I didn’t want to stand up. He glared at me and a flash of green appeared. Suddenly I felt at ease. I didn’t care about anything except doing what Howard said. It was like all my worries had faded away and all I had to do was let him do the work. I suddenly was back in my chair and I didn’t know how I got there. A burning was on my wrist. A circle, one half green and one half blue, like Howards eyes in the trick, and then I knew this was no trick, it was magic. He picked one more person to come up then I woke up.

I had a dream about me and

I had a dream about me and a lady (like an corrupt FBI agent or something) that were fighting in this building like a hotel, and I ended up winning so I handcuffed her with those toy hand cuffs and left her in a chair with a bomb nearby. She diffused it but did it wrong so it went off and caused a few floors of the building to collapse. I saw this and felt terrible about what had happened so I ran back to the building to help and found a place where they were signing up volunteers and in this place there were a bunch of government officials I met a Sargent and a Naval officer there they asked if I had seen the explosion and were suspicious of me it felt like and I said no I just heard it and ran to come help. So they began to have me fill out a bunch of info in a room that was pretty personal info and some weird random questions then I woke up.

I am first in a room with

I am first in a room with my first love and his current fiancé. I am a bit uncomfortable. The three of us are very aware of who everyone is. They are laying on the floor together and i am laying just a little bit off to the side of them. his back is to me, her facing me (them facing each other). I remember making eye contact with her and quickly looking away trying to just "not be there with them". You know just let them be. Then I move to the next part of the dream where i am around my most recent ex who i have just found out his is about to propose to a girl just 2 days after he and i split (a nice split but my decision). I remember thinking isn't that fast but someone saying once a guy is ready, he's ready doesn't take anymore time to know. Then i flash to my last dream and i am with the partner of a guy i like. she's at my house as we wait to do some volunteer work training at a college. we are talking but its mostly her and she keeps throwing in comments about how she's the best at stuff. I have never met her in person. shortly after i sneak away to call him and tell him about it before her and my mom walk up jokingly wondering who i am on the phone with. then i wake. what does this all mean?

Okay so today i had the strangest

Okay so today i had the strangest dream. I was in this building and it was divided into three sections. At first i was floating along zip lines in one section talking with friends and hanging out with these girls that had become good friends of mine in what was called our pod. we had a decent amount of freedom. We went to lunch and when we got back i was told i was being moved into a different pod. Away from all my friends, and away from everything i had known. When i asked what was going on the guy in charge told me that they haven't seen a change at all so they were moving me back down. When my parents came i was sitting on the couch with one of the girls from the other pod and this blonde kid. My parents told me that they hadn't seen any progress so i was being moved back for 45 days. If i could show improvement i would be moved back to the other pod. The only problem was that I kept repeating i have a baby to take care of at home i just want to see my baby. The guy next to me volunteered to take me for a ride to help clear my head. So we went for a ride without getting in trouble. When we came back there was an explosion, no one died but that was the end. Our rooms were these glass boxes with beds and sinks and they had little drawers for personal items, they also had bathrooms that had a metal door that enclosed around it. Such a strange dream, and the strangest part is it seems to be a continuation of a dream i have had before because i remember the boxed rooms.

I dreamed that I was at a

I dreamed that I was at a funeral which was taking place at the church I attended growing up. For some reason, it felt like there was a connection to ovarian cancer, which did not surprise me as my mother had died of ovarian cancer 7 years ago. The odd thing about this dream is that sitting directly across from me in the dream was a man and two young girls. The man was a guy I dated in high school and went to my senior prom with. We didn't go to the same church growing up; we weren't even the same religion. I was raised Lutheran and he was Catholic. I have not seen or heard from or about this old boyfriend since maybe the late 1970's. The last I knew, he was going to college to be an accountant. (This is where everyone usually laughs, but wait....) This dream was so vivid. It stuck with me throughout my day, in fact several teachers at the school where I volunteer asked me if I was ok....I just seemed very preoccupied. I was so bothered by it, that when I got home, I did a google search using his name and profession (CPA), and it was the very first item that came up that has made this dream somewhat freakish. The item was an obituary....for a woman....the wife of my old boyfriend....she had died 2 weeks earlier....of ovarian cancer....and they had two young daughters. Mind you, we don't live in the same state, in fact our lives took us in different directions. I married someone who was in the military and spent 20+ years as a military wife. We moved 15 times in that 20 years. Other than having dated this guy in high school and having lived in the same town at one time, I had no contact with nor did I hear anything about him or his life since the late 70's.