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I had so many bad dreams tonight.

I had so many bad dreams tonight. The first one: I took my step daughter Emily and my baby son (around 8m old and I don't have kids) to the prospect park to the ice skating rink. Emily went for Ice skating lesson and I was caring the baby. We were waiting for Mitch and far away I saw him with a woman in The forest ... I open A glass door and I went to them he hug her and kiss her like a goodbye. When I Got to them he said to me WHAT?. They looked at me and my Baby with bad eyes. Like I was the servant like garbage. She was tall hair in a puny tail, wearing jeans and a black blouse. Then one of my sister in law came to us and she said to me ... Don't worry I will fix it, and she took Mitch with her. He was like in other world. The second one I was trapped in a room with low windows and outside there was a big vulture. It was like a fabric and the culture was trying to catch and eat a little beautiful owl. The owl went outside and so many animals were trying to attack him I saw the little owl trying to fly and same his life and I was calling him to fly where I was because I feel could help him to heal and protect him. The thirds one I was in the house where I was raised and it was a woman spirit trapped in a room ( black short hair wearing a red top and jeans ) the room was my brother room ... A black witch woman did poison Mitch. I was trying to look for him and trying to take him away from her. This woman had so many kids and the room they all where living together was a mess smelly disgusting garbage place and the spirit inside sad scare of the witch woman. It was a BBQ and I was looking for Mitch and I couldn't find him. Mid while I saw my old friends from church and my Sisters. My Old friend fed me with meat. After that I told to one of my Sister about what happened to Mitch . She gave me a key to open The door of the dirty room. I went there, I opened the door and I took the spirit out... It was crazy one laughing and turning evil then crying and then sad. I heard Mitch and the woman and all the kids came Back and I returned the spirit back. I saw Mitch wearing a bandage around his head and A neck protection and more bandages he Was like zombie I followed him to a basement dark just lighting with candles and my sister was there and all my brothers (4 of them the men ones) and my sister said to me that I couldn't stay. She said they will bring him back to me. They were about to Do and exorcism ... Then I woke up. Mitch is my couple. We live together.

I dreamed of passing one dead yellow

I dreamed of passing one dead yellow snake that seemed its attempt to bite me resulted its death. As i proceed in a place like desert/forest i passed other snakes by evading them until i reached a place where i met a man older than me who tried to aid me to escape the ground of snakes. As we were busy trying to fix an equipment looked like a toilet basin that in our believe would help us to escape, i saw a black dead vulture lying on the ground. The equipment to our astonishment was broken. I then woke up after this man sit on the ground and realising there were no more snakes