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I have eleven brothers. At IHOP with

I have eleven brothers. At IHOP with two of them as we are leaving my brother Matthias tells me he hasn't slept for six days because its finals week and he is a double major in biochemistry and chemical engineering. I take the keys to our station wagon and then there is a guy with a gun and he wants my purse but I tell him I need to get my grandfather's diary but it's not a diary. It's my own gun and when the guy in the hood sees it he passes out and then I hear a huge thud and Matthias has had a seizure from not sleeping.

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was walking outside with my mom and sister. It was pretty dark outside and I was pulling a wagon with me that had a word search in it. While we were walking I heard a noise and I saw a guy coming toward us who tried to steal my purse. I tried to run away and dropped my word search in the process. I turned around and saw that he had a mask on and that he was still chasing after us. I saw that we were close to a building so we hid in a room. The room then became full of people and the guy couldn't find us. The people all left quickly and then he spotted us. The people came back but they had swords and armour on and they began fighting each other. While all this was happening I ran out and ran to my house and locked the door before my sister and mom could get in.