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Also I had a dream about all

Also I had a dream about all of our Colorado group last night and we went to this restaurant and our waitress was my old lunch lady Mrs Mary and she was so mean and Evelyn made us sit with some random family so there would be more room and then she said we were gonna get kicked out of steak and shake if we ate out tomorrow because we were obnoxious and she wouldn’t take our orders either. She new we were about to leave town and she kept referring to that as “our retirement” it was so weird

Sitting down eating with my best friend

Sitting down eating with my best friend at a restaurant. The guy that I am in love with and obsessed with that I'm not dating I see eating at another table. I know him but at the same time I don't. The waitress we have is extremely rude and from Russia. She is also very beautiful. She is mean to me and will not give me extra food. So the same guy brings may his food over and gives it to me. We are leaving and driving getting in a car accident. We are following a McDonalds truck. When the truck driver gets out it's the man my best friend is in love with. I then drove the McDonald's truck and I crash it. Then my best friend confesses to me that her and the truck driver she is with are now in a relationship. Then the room starts to spin

I am in a coffee shop or

I am in a coffee shop or diner. It's very busy. My friend works there and I sit at the counter eating breakfast, and drinking coffee. It's early morning hours and dark outside, and snowing. All the waitresses have pony tails and aprons on. Surrounded by waitresses or women. My ex is eating breakfast with is friend, my friends husband. I'm nervous and fearful he will see me. I'm really scared to see him. My heart is breaking because I want to talk to him but I'm afraid. He see's me and I act like I don't see him. I turn away from him and talk to his friend Scott. My ex stands behind me trying to get my attention. He puts his chin on my shoulder because I have my back toward him. He comes up behind me and holds me very tight. I won't turn around. He talks to me. He asks me if I still love him. he tells me he misses me and thinks about me, and he says he loves me. I finally turn around and break down crying and put my face on his chest. He hugs me tight. I feel relief. I feel loved. He drops a bag but ignores it and continues to hold onto me not letting go. I stoop down to pick up the stuff and it's cakes, doughnuts, cheesecake, cookies, candy and he won't let go of me, his arm is still around me gripping me tight. I give him the stuff back and I finally tell him how much I miss him. He rejects me and tells me it's over and walks out the door, and I start crying. I chase after him and scream in a high voice how angry I am that he has left me there crying. He laughs at me. Some girl calls and I answer the telephone, her name is Diana, she asks my friend if I'm okay. We realize she is my ex's new girlfriend. I feel rejected, and ashamed. I feel I have no pride left. My boyfriend had bangs, his hair is brown and casually styled. Very relaxed. He's wearing a greyish blue sweatshirt and jeans. Hes carrying a white plastic bag full of sweets. He is shocked and happy to see me.

I was in a conference where all

I was in a conference where all people dressed up then the speaker called one after another to give a speech about a lady. I was worried and walked out to see a really tall and strange look building. After a while, that building started to collapse and I ran away from that scene seeing 2 cops. Ended up at a coffee shop, the waitresses there were discussing about 2 police officers responsible for that building. I then walked out of the shop and realized that there's a flood of people rushing to the scene.