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I give birth to twins. The doctors

I give birth to twins. The doctors send me home without the babies. Soon doctors bring one baby and leave. I cry a lot because I want my secound baby, too. My family denies that I had twins. The Doctor comes back and tells me, I only had one child and wants to leave. My secoune baby is in the car. I run after the car, holding my single twin and cry. My family tries to stop me. They say I am crazy for thinking I gave birth to twins and they will take my baby away. I call them traitors and tell them that I will never forgive them and that I hate them. I never let go of my one twin, while running to the hospital to get my other baby. I do everything for my twins to come back together. Befor I wake up, I see the hospital papers, where I find both names of my twins and then I hold them both in my arms.

I wake up in my room and

I wake up in my room and i hear a deep voice in the corner of my room and my body was shaking alot

I was asleep and i was trying

I was asleep and i was trying to wake up each time i'd wake up i'd later realise that i am still asleep and that  this is just another dream i woke up again and there was 2 of me , i could see everything from a third perspective as if i am watching a movie the old me from the past was sitting in a chair infront of a risk with what seemed like a very modern computer , thr room was spacious and dimly lit and old me was trying to control me by using the computer telling me to wake up but old me couldnt get me to wake up so future me showed up and sat on the desk saying wake up wake up wake up and present me in thr dream could hear their voices in my head but i still didn't wake up, i couldnt i wanted to but i couldn't but i kept on trying till i actually woke up

I was floating in a black space

I was floating in a black space where there was nothing visible other than a ball I can hold on to but I told myself not to let myself float away or I can never wake up

Family Amusement Park bonding time last ride

Family Amusement Park bonding time last ride before leave water rapids waiting in line look over at my scared baby telling him it's alright ask if he needs to use the bathroom before the ride take stroller we go to bathroom take diaper off in stroller but hold diaper as I put him in the sink/tub to use the bathroom he is fine and done but I slip from going to the bathroom too which magically appeared under me baby falls in sick/tub water is in body and surrounded by it which I push on the babies stomach to get out but baby throws up insides which look like two flower monsters throwing up like white sperm at me flower monsters are attach to my arm baby dead in my arms I scream for help and family comes helps me put baby back together while that is happening I wake up from being scared

I was at my cousins house. (We

I was at my cousins house. (We went there to my little cousins second birthday the other day in real life). I was walking to their guest bathroom when I felt scared, that somebody might already be in there and I didnt want it to be embarrassing. It suddenly went pitch black, my heart was beating. I didnt see anything but I heard a small kid laugh, running on a field/on grass. While she was running she fell. I heard hear almost starting to cry just like a small kid would when they fell. The sounds stopped and I heard a womens voice, like a narrator, in a serious tone. Pretty, serious voice. "If.. in your head, then..." - I dont remember much of it. I was conscious as soon as it went pitch black and I heard the kid. I tried waking up and opening my eyes but it was hard. Like something was trying to keep my eyes closed. I woke up. After a reassuring I was awake I closed my eyes again. It all happened again just faster. I tried waking up again, this time with moving. It was also hard but I managed to move my finger and wake up.

I had a dream about a man

I had a dream about a man and a woman half naked ( just a slight coverage of the private parts only) giving me a chase, with intent to kill me...I run and run for a long distance until I wake up

I'm with my deceased friend blaise and

I'm with my deceased friend blaise and him mom. We live together in his old apartment. Me and him are cuddled up on the couch. he sleeping and me and his mom are talking and sharing stories. Next thing I know my mom is there pulling me away from him telling me I'm not allowed to see him anymore and I'm crying and trying to hold onto him as hard as I can and he's hugging me trying not to let me go. My mom finally pulls us apart and I wake up

I dream that I'm me a male

I dream that I'm me a male but I'm pregnant and see myself as a female this is a frequent dream I'm usually with my wife and always wake up before givinh birth