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I was at an eclectic theme park

I was at an eclectic theme park of sorts with some friends. We went on some rides. One of them was a roller coaster that turned into a spinning ride. After that, I played a slot machine and won a ticket for a free wish. When I went to make the wish, I had to go into a closet in the dark and light a candle. I made the wish to transition to male successfully. There was an old ouija board in the closet. After I made the wish, the minor Greek god(?) Charon gave me a knife sent me on four quests. Charon accompanied me along the way as a thin aura shaped like a human. The first quest was to ride another roller coaster. That was easy enough, but the problem was that the ride operator forgot to do the restraints. I did them just as the ride went over the hill. Deciding that I passed the quest, Charon sent me to do the second quest. The second quest was to go into a woman's wardrobe and steal a hair clip. I had to slip in unannounced and look in her memories, which took place in the Fanboy and Chum Chum universe. One of them was her finding out that one of her male friends, Kyle, was pregnant. Kyle was trans and stealth. I decides to to help Kyle face his fear of heights by helping him discover that he could fly. After that, I had to duel with a younger male version of myself. He was around 9-10 years old. At first, I killed him with the knife, but Charon was disappointed in me when I did that. I then learned that I had to subdue him by trying him down and letting Athena do the rest. I had to ask Charon for assistance to complete this task, but I succeeded. I woke up before I could complete the fourth quest. I wanted to do the fourth quest

I dreamed of the next bedroom where

I dreamed of the next bedroom where we put everything in it is like a storeroom thugs got in and take everything they left only a box which is full of dish cloth and few things like water bucket phone lines but wardrobe chest drawers beds are gone

I was with my family and we

I was with my family and we got a new big house. I found some shoes in the wardrobe and there were lots of rooms

A sharp light came through our bedroom

A sharp light came through our bedroom where my husbund and I were sleeping. It passed cutting across us on our tummies to our wardrobe..

Last night I dreamt of Corfu more

Last night I dreamt of Corfu more importantly I was there with my dad and he was getting ready for a swim I looked in the wardrobe not much of my close where their but I knew I could make do I was so happy being there the sun was shining and I could wait to get changed and go for a swim in the pool with my dad

Dreamt of my late mum in a

Dreamt of my late mum in a bedroom seated on the floor facing an open wardrobe counting $50 dollar bills

I was at a big old white

I was at a big old white farmhouse mansion for a family gathering. while exploring the house I realized there were maids and butlers each one had a different obsession. The maid I met had an obsession with dogs and would place them in weird places such as microwaves, cupboards, and shelves. Then I was outside with a cousin playing kick ball she kicked the ball too far and it went into the neighbors yard. my aunt told me to go get it so I walked over to the house. Once I got to the yard I seen a bunch of various clothing items laying in the yard, I then bent down to pick up a pair of shorts. A random girl with long black hair came outside and said "those are mine" I then said I was just getting the ball. She said I should come inside and see the rest of her wardrobe. I went inside and was looking at a bunch of clothes when I tall boy with shaggy blonde hair came up behind me and started whispering things about cracking my neck and aligning my back. He would not stop talking about it and was obviously very obsessive of the topic. That's when I noticed things were weird. The girl starts leading me to her room to show me more clothes as I was walking up the stairs I seen a boy with black hair sitting In the corner rocking back and forth saying "the word of the day is..." Inserting random words in, defining them, then using them in a sentence. This boy was very repetitive too and would not stop saying the same phrases over and over. As the girl turned into her room I ran out the door back to the White House and was searching for my grandmother when I turned around the firm and the two boys were behind me repeating themselves over and over