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I was in a warehouse taking to

I was in a warehouse taking to a Hispanic man and his son. I am handling a dead squid and proceed to chop its tentacles off with a kitchen knife. I look at the squid head then stare right into the squid beak.

The first part of my dream went

The first part of my dream went like this. I was a sheriff's deputy driving on a dirt road when suddenly I stopped at a train yard, just outside the main entrance of it which was closed off by a wire gate. To my right were three sandstone pillars with small squares set into them. When I looked at them four chuckles appeared inside the circles as if some invisible hand was drawing them. Out of nowhere a car I recognized but couldn't remember where it was from blasted through the gate and hit a red train car from the side. I don't know why but I got this extremely hostile feeling and I drove up and rammed the other car from behind, trapping the driver there. A few moments of us playing reverse tug of war and suddenly the train car tips over and completely crushes the other car, a pool of blood appearing beneath the driver side. There was a small window near the top of the train car where many people's hands were trying to reach out. Their hands were gray and dirty in color. The very next thing I remember was now I was a German Shepherd with an injured front leg. The only reason I know that is because as the German Shepard half of my experience was in third person and the other half was first person. My experience as a cop was all first person. Anyway, three really dirty, gray skinned men show up. Im still in the train yard, just inside of some sort of two story warehouse. The outside was made out of some rusting sheet metal while the inside rooms and floors were made out of what looked like fresh plywood. The three men are pushing and shoving their way up some stairs frantically, and I follow them with my injured leg. They mention something about staying in the light or "they'll" get you, so I decided to take that advice to heart even though they weren't even talking to me. There were small lit candles just up the stairs that surprisingly illuminated about a meter's worth of space very brightly. The three men disappeared or simply went out of sight while I went towards the candles. By now I'm in one corner of the warehouse. To my right I'm looking inwards towards an empty room with a candle that's illuminating it entirely and I suddenly feel freezing cold. I bolt into that room as fast as I can and huddle into a corner. Just as I turn back around I see a long, scrawny hand and arm laying just outside my room, followed by a huge, dense cloud of fog. I'm in a third person view right now, and can see hundreds of similar hands, each with long needle like claws protruding from the finger tips. I start panicking and then I wake up.

I was at a warehouse and I

I was at a warehouse and I hope in the shopping cart then my mom pushed me into a self of the warehouse (the warehouse was almost like lowes) and as soon as she pushed me she started rolling down a hill and like 5 seconds later her head exploded and my sister and dad clapped for her and were laughing.

So first I was in an abandoned

So first I was in an abandoned warehouse, with a bunch of strangers. not feeling left out or in any way that I wasnt supposed to be there. I had sex with a stranger and it was passionate. After this happened, my dream jumps to my fathers house where i grew up. I was in the yard and saw my fathers truck (from back when i was a child, which he no longer has) hooked up to Two different trailers. These trailers were filled with construction material. The truck was also running. Almost felt as if I had come home from a "party" and seeing my dads truck running, I felt as if I should have been home to help him load up the truck and trailers. So i went inside the house. Walked up to his bedroom, and inside i found him laying with 3 other GUYS in his bed. MY DAD IS NOT GAY! He wakes up, along with the other men, and he looks surprised but happy... he asks "What happened last night?" I replied, I dont know, I was going to ask you the same thing! He then tells me he got his 3rd DUI and he was smiling about it. Then I walk out on the balcony and am frantic trying to figure out what happened to my dad the night prior. Looking out to the yard I see a bunch of people leaving the house. The neighbors are at the end of their driveway looking up at dads house shaking their head in disapproval. Then, after freaking out and punching dents into a van, someone tells me my dog got hit last night by a car, and it died. WHAT THE HELL DOES ALL THIS MEAN?