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I was going on a journey; to

I was going on a journey; to where I don’t know, and found myself at the airport. Just before I presented myself to the check-in desk I felt an annoying lump on the bridge my nose; slightly to the left hand side... like a plook. So I trudged off to the nearest mirror for a look, and discovered the shocking truth. This was no pimple, zit, spot or suppuration of pus that had grown like a mountain to the surface of my skin. Nor was this a teenage bout of acne waiting to be compressed between my pinched thumb and forefinger, exuding a lava that resembled the contents of a squeezy bottle of mustard. But what was it? I had to look closer..... A miniature flower had taken root and bloomed through the surface of my earthly pore. Like a daisy gently bristling in a grassy meddow, the pollen scented aroma of summer surrounded by silken petals bloomed in colour and vibrancy. I began to pick off the petals one by one only to find hidden under each an angry wasp buzzing with rage and torment, including the Queen who sat under the petal at the top of the flower pointing north at 12 o’clock. For fear of being stung I couldn’t touch anymore and had to leave any future ‘weeding’ until after my flight. As my flight landed I found myself in Windsor and a new job. I was working for another Queen, this time Elisabeth I of Scotland and II of England. My job was to help with the smooth running of the upcoming Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan. The job didn’t last and I soon found myself unemployed. Handing back in my Royal page-boy type uniform, consisting of plus fours, white tights, buckled shoes and a thrilly laced shirt, I returned to Mexico. Dejected, starving and struggling for cash I decided, upon advice from a friend, to become self-employed and was soon earning a pittance gift wrapping souvenirs purchased by tourists for their loved ones at home. It wasn’t enough though and my meagre earnings barely stretched to buying a plate of taco soup, rice and beans. But In a weird twist of fate my dream morphed into a strange success story – like the American dream I tweaked my business and moved it lock, stock and two smoking barrels to a gay nightclub. I was now offering a naked gift wrapping service and was rolling in the money.

I was in a room and it

I was in a room and it was really dark . I was looking out the dark Window and a hook like thing was out there but it was a pool and it turned out to be horses swimming but more like synchronized swimming. Each horse had their own routine. Then walking through the house the horses were inside and they could talk. There were wasps living in their throats. Also a bear was living in the house and had a place and a time to use the bathroom. A bathroom set up just for the bear. I was told that the bear was about twenty minutes late.

I got stung by loads of wasps

I got stung by loads of wasps I put cream on the stings then I noticed the wasps were under my skin

This guy kidnapped me and he was

This guy kidnapped me and he was keeping me in a hallway and in the hallway were three elevators but you couldnt get in them because they had toxins in them. But there were four windows and looking out the window was a lake. The guy walked in the hallway where i was and he sat crisscross then pulled me into his lap. I looked up and i saw his lips, they were really pink and he had a lip ring and then i noticed his face and it was Johnnie. Then he kissed me and said "this is my goodbye kiss to you." So i started panicking because I was freaked out. Then he stands up and brings me by the window and pushes me out into the lake. While i was in the lake my skin started to burn because there was acid in the lake, so i swam as fast s i could across the lake and i finally made it to a dirt road. But on the dirt road were patches of briar bushes and wasps, which im allergic to. So i take off running as fast as possibly but then i trip into a wasp nest and i got stung at least twelve times before i could get up again. So after i got up i noticed that there was a mainroad about ten feet ahead of me. I got to the main road and i flagged a car down, i wasnt paying attention when i got in but i saw Johnnie in the drivers seat and he said "Dont worry this is just the beginging ."

Asleep in bed, a wasp flew into

Asleep in bed, a wasp flew into my bedroom. I sat up and it went down my back inside my pyjama top. I think it stung me! But I laid down on my back and I think I squashed it. At the same time it flew in My sister came into the house from work. I could hear her turn the shower on as the wasp flew into my room.