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I was home with my older brother

I was home with my older brother when my water broke, I didn't even look pregnant, and I went into my room and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. later that day I was cleaning when my friend came and I started to tell her how I thought I was pregnant but not sure, all that while I had forgotten I have already given birth, when I did eventually recall, I ran into my room only to find my baby crying and I started to breastfeed her, but she looked older as though she was born 5 months ago. later that evening my current boyfriend called and asked if anything had happened a though he knew we were expecting, when I told him I gave birth in the morning he threw a bitch fit because I never told him, ad my baby just kept asking ''is that my daddy?'' at this point she looked 10, and I was shouting using her name telling her to keep quiet and sit down, and he was confused. at the end of the dream I was taking her to his house.