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I saw an old man with long

I saw an old man with long white hair and a long white beard in the clouds of the sky ,at 1st I thought he was a prophet/deciple but then felt he was a wizard he had a mischevious look in his eyes and was looking down at me ,below his cloud was a small brook and a little trinkeling waterfall he guesterd at the brook and then moistened with his hand for me to go into this water ,I said I cannot get up there ,I dont fly ,and he stepped away I waited to see if he returned which he did and had 2 more men with him hhe and 1 of the men ,each held a bucket the other had a scroll and an inkpen,the man tipped his bucket and poured water into the brook and it suddenly turned into a ocean of water and the waterfall became a large rushing waterfall that spilled into the ocean,it was at this point I heard a couple of people gasp and a little kids voice say look we are standing in water ,whered it come from,i looked down at my feet and the water was past my ankles.i looked back up and was pointing upward so the people would see what was up there then the 2nd man with the pail tipped his bucket and also poured it into the ocean which rose even higher and the waves were huge the current was flowing as if a a wild blowing wind of a storm was causing it to become a raging one ,I waved both my arms up to the men and Hollard stop ,god promised no moreflooding the earth the man laughed and said something to the other two men ,the man with the scroll and pen wrote something and as soon as he lifted the scroll up and out the words leaped into the sky and spelled swim ,I shook my head no and said I dont know how to swim the man shrugged his shoulders and tipped his bucket and poured it out again and now the water was up past my waist ,the little kid grabbed ahold of me with a terrified look on his face he went under the water ,as it was up higher than he stood ,I pulled on him and and upward and he came up to the surface ,I quickly pulled him to me and he got up onto my shoulders I heard someone scream stop what are you doing up there ,this isnt funny ,and who are you the man just pointed at us laughing the mann with the scroll wrote again and it said learn to swim ,pray for mercey,or drowned its your choice I was now panicing and out of the corner of my eye ,behind me stood a large tall hill and the mand tipped his bucket to pour out into the water ,I began running up the hill with the boy on my shoulders ,when I got to the top and looked up the ocean became a gigantic waterfall pouring down onto the earth and where we had stood down there,was an ocean raging as id seen it doing in the sky again I screamed stop ,in gods name I demand you to get behind thee ,now and wait for him to judge you but there was only the man with the scroll standing up there then I saw the other 2 men return carrying fishing poles when one of them handed him a pole he dropped the scroll and as it decended downward a lighting bolt flashed and it caught on fire the 3 men casted their lines down into the raging water and it continued to rise ,and I woke up

I dreamt I was in Yosemite and

I dreamt I was in Yosemite and I was with Caleb and Callie and other people and we were swimming. And I climbed the rocks and jumped over the waterfall. I was in a house with a lot of people and I got up to use the bathroom and someone whispered hello and I got scared. Then the next morning I told everyone and they heard it too. Then I was in a classroom and I kept seeing a back figure and it was trying to kill me and my sister. It came out and I attacked it but it wouldn’t die. Our teacher also lit us on fire but we didn’t get burned. Then they turned the lights off on us while there was a dance going on.

Inside a cave that had a waterfall

Inside a cave that had a waterfall and Clift, me and 4 girls who were considered best friends were checking out. In the water at the end of the waterfall there was a killer whale. When we were in a canoe in the water, one by one each of the girls fell off and the whale ate them. Eventually I was the only one left, and the whale pushed me to the shore. At that point I woke up

It was judgement day and everyone was

It was judgement day and everyone was running around. if you turn clear gold you go heaven if you turn silver you go hell. i turned gold, so i went to heaven but once i got there i could see a waterfall and i was floating on cloud this woman came up to me i couldn't see her face because everything was blurry and i could see other people behind her of the same race. i think it was my grandma who recently just pass because she was wearing my countries cultural clothes and she was trying to tell me something but i don't know what.

I saw I am invited to my

I saw I am invited to my sister in law house for something when I reach everybody having good time there's a temple setting next to fireplace in living room bright light in the house was waterfall in the living room seems like no body is noticing me