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I rode a large wave in the

I rode a large wave in the ocean. It ended up forcing me fr below water and prevented me from being able to swim to surface.

My 3 children and i are standing

My 3 children and i are standing alone in the dark outside in the mountains scared of what was coming. behind us was a small shack or cabin broken down and old. all around us was tall pine trees when i looked up i sky in a circle opening of the tree tops. dark sky with lots of stars. as we stood there waiting for something to happen all the sudden a huge tsunami wave came and as we braced our selves it hit us and we went underwater. it broke down peices of the cabin and i would grab a floating peice that broke off and put the boys on it so they could stay above water. and then it just went away. all the water went down and before you knew it we were standing there again scared waiting for it to happen. i felt helpless and scared. The tsunami came again and went away a few times. right before the dream ended i looked up in the sky to see 3 full moons side by side. very bright and big. the end

My dream I was getting in a

My dream I was getting in a boat with a friend we stated going towards a wood structure inside the structure we notice the boat sinking but even worst a wave came crashing in front of us. I was thinking we need to get off the boat and then I was like the are lots of people from the boat company they have to help us.

There was a storm and a big

There was a storm and a big wave kept flooding my home. I then had to avoid being swept into a psychiatric hospital and then my dad came and drove me away with my dogs