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Me my friend kandi and her sister

Me my friend kandi and her sister crystal and a guy named shaun that I use to talk tio where at crystals house. The light was taped to a ledge and it was going out so I went to change it and found kandi and shaun about to have sex with a condom that was made doubled. I started talking to kandi about how I thought it was wrong that she was about to have sex with him even though she knew me and him use to talk, than I told her how would she feel if I did that to her with her ex boyfriend Weasel. Kandi got an attitude with me. Than she invited some boys she knew over and went to the back of the house with them. While I was sitting outside the rapper Plies walked past and I screamed for him and he ignored me so I went inside and played one of his songs called "goons out lurkin"